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Who is this Incredible Twitch Character “Sodapoppin”?

Sodapoppin has been in the Twitch scene for a very long time now. In fact, he was one of the first Twitch streamers to be ever successful in the platform. Everyone dreams of playing video games, do IRL live vlogs and get paid for it, but for Sodapoppin, he’s living that dream.

What he took was not an easy road towards success. He had to battle against the barriers to gain his Sub as well as becoming one of the biggest online stars today.

Some don’t like his antics but a lot will agree that he’s keeping everything real. One of the biggest reasons how he got his fame is because of his personality—while most streamers may be the good boy type or either constantly aggressive or chill, Sodapoppin is a mix of different moods on screen. He’s not known for just one particular game nowadays (although his initial start for his fame was from World of Warcraft), but he’s known for just being him.

Yes, he’s not a professional gamer at all, let alone esports worthy, but it’s how he connects with his audience while playing or vlogging that makes him a standout from the rest of the streamers on Twitch.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Sodapoppin—from how he got his claim to fame, to the controversies up to his modern-day activity.

Who is Sodapoppin?

Sodapoppin’s real name is Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris IV. His fans know this well but for those who aren’t familiar at all, yes, Thomas Jefferson is his legit first name. He was born on February 15, 1994 in Austin, TX, USA.

How did he become so famous?

He was one of the first people on earth to ever play Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, especially back during the beta in 2003 until it got released the following year. During the days of growing up, he thought of wanting to show off his PvP games to everyone else besides his buddies. The game grew on him as years went by and in 2010, he got his shot on the now-gone live streaming website, He didn’t really receive a lot of viewers during that time but it was a start. At some point right before Twitch existed, he got up to 500 followers from x-fire.

When Twitch was finally established the next year, this was definitely his time to shine. World of Warcraft fans would just flock to his channel, enjoying the company that he brings to everyone while doing PvPs and raids with either friends or even one of his followers.

In 2018, his net worth is over $400,000 according to

Does he still play World of Warcraft regularly?

These days, he’s not really focused on WoW anymore. It just really depends on which game he wants to play and his followers are okay with that despite most of his followers, especially the first batch, are from the WoW niche.

Is his channel appropriate for all ages?

Sodapoppin’s channel, whether Twitch or YouTube, is definitely not family-friendly unlike Ninja or Shroud; as in not at all. It’s not like he’s a big trashtalker or anything like Tyler1, it’s just that his humor is always something kids would find surprising and parents seeing it as upsetting. But this is what makes him great—he doesn’t have to put up a fake smile and pretend everything is joyful and jolly like the personalities on TV that host cooking shows or home makeovers. Everything about him is…just him.

If anything, Chance is considered to be one of those anti-hero types who like to keep things real.

Whether he’s playing WoW, going out to take a road trip with Forsen or play another game with Greekgodx, the fans really love what he does.

How is his Twitch channel doing?

Right now, Chance Morris has over 2 million followers and a total viewer count of over 220 million as of July 2018.

He currently rests at the 16th spot in the Top 100 Most Followed Twitch Streamers on

In 2011, just right after Twitch was created, Sodapoppin existed on the website. In those times, all he ever does is stream his gameplay in Blizzard’s highly successful MMORPG World of Warcraft. PvPs are usually the main course of his streams and everyone just really enjoyed watching him. He’s funny a lot of times and was one of the first streamers to popularize the term “POG” which would become a natural slang for the Twitch community.

If anything, he’s one of the most banned personalities on Twitch. He got banned…a lot. Why, you ask? Well, let’s see…one of the reasons was the possession of a firearm by his now-ex-girlfriend on live stream, another where his ex was showing her ass on live stream, another by his then-new girlfriend showing so much cleavage that Twitch rendered his channel inappropriate to everyone (which is hypocritical nowadays especially if you look at the IRL “Twitch streamers”) and of course, some crude humor here and there.

It was a real struggle for him to get his Sub activated. But soon later, it would finally click on him. And there he is, a fully-fledged made streamer.

Is he more of the comedian type?

He’s mostly full of inside jokes about gaming and World of Warcraft where new viewers who aren’t into gaming may never understand his humor at all.

His level of sarcasm leaves a lot of dense people in a clump of misunderstanding whenever he makes satirical statements. But of course, that does not mean the man cannot be serious at all. At one time, he made a statement of how sick and tired he is towards female “twitch streamers”, with more emphasis on the quotation marks since he’s pointing out how fake some streamers are on the platform. We’ll get more on that topic later.

How about his YouTube channel?

While his Twitch is all about gaming with a side of IRL streams, his YT content is mostly highlights from his Twitch channel as well as personal vlogs. As of this writing, July 2018, he has around 850,000 subscribers with a total viewership count of more than 280 million.

What were the big challenges & controversies he faced?

Twitch itself finds Sodapoppin as a rebellious person that doesn’t want to play by the rules…most of the time. Ever since they changed their terms of services when Amazon bought the website in 2014, things did change especially for the streamers who love to do unfiltered humor which may be considered highly offensive to soyboys and SJWs who think everything is hate speech. Streamers like Trainwreckstv and Sodapoppin were always suspended from streaming just because they said critical opinions on Twitch that have hurt the folks over on the IRL category.

While Chance may not be like the same guy in 2013, he’s still somewhat much grittier than other mainstream youtubers like Ninja or Shroud.

Remember this one time he got banned on World of Warcraft and contacted Blizzard customer support? A real classic:

However, it wasn’t long until he got banned again on April 3, 2018 where he would later be unbanned just the day after:

Now going back to the statement I said about him getting fed up about certain female streamers, he made a really outstanding point; while trying not to be rude, the people he pointed out are really just going for cheap ways to rake the money as well as the viewership just by simply being sexy in front of the camera without any actual gaming skills or stream entertainment other than the boobs. Here was his statement back then 3 years ago when the Twitch Streamers vs “Thot” Streamers was rampant:

It’s statements like this that really make him look and feel like a real person and that is what his fans really admire most. He’s not afraid to say what is on his mind at all, even if it means him getting banned just because Twitch admins think that he is encouraging “hate speech” as always.

Is he friendly to his fans despite what people say against him?

The main best thing about him is that he keeps on interacting with his viewers. Sometimes he lets the whole comment section be the boss and take control of what he should do for the rest of the stream. There are a lot of streamers who actually don’t interact much with their followers but for Chance, he makes sure they’re all like brothers and sisters.

Is he worth watching even if I’m new to his channel?

Think of Sodapoppin as an all-around entertainer. He always has something new to the table everytime he goes live. Unlike some streamers dedicated to one game category, he just rolls whatever he wants and his followers just go along with it. Viewers don’t really pay much attention to his “pro” skills when it comes to games but rather the whole presence of Chance Morris himself while playing.

It’s really difficult for a streamer to still maintain popularity despite leaving a certain game they’re known for. But for Sodapoppin’s case, he managed to keep that reputation and the same love from his fans.

Where can I find Sodapoppin?