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Want to be a Top Twitch Streamer? Picking the Right Game is Vital

There are literally thousands of video games out there on the market right now. Video games come in various shapes and sizes, catering to audiences young and old. Video gaming is a large portion of the pop culture right now especially right after the year 2000 started. From what was a leisure time in the arcades, a digital form of hands-on amusement like pinballs and mini-golf, video games have quite made a huge evolution in the world of entertainment.

From the time Pong was released n the 1970s, home entertainment was never the same again. What used to be a simple game of digital tennis would be the biggest influence in the creation of more video games. Suddenly every kid either wants an Atari or go to the arcade, asking mommy and daddy to give them money so they can buy tokens. Atari may not have the best games nor the most memorable ones except for Asteroid and Space Invaders, but it was the pioneer for home consoles.

People of all ages were intrigued by this then-futuristic enjoyment and wanted in on the fun. Turns out this fun would become a new form of addictive diversion. It was a game that really had you take control. You can just imagine how the lines kept on piling up just so they can play Asteroid or beat the highest score in Space Invaders. The 1970s was really the decade of the new age of entertainment.

And then just like that, everything changed in the 1980s with arcade games booming as well as a little company called Nintendo. The arcades were the new cinemas for children. You go to any arcade and everyone was just flocking on to play Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong. These were total coin eaters since they had thrill like never before.

In Pac-Man (developed by Namco), you thought you would only be collecting these tiny pac-dots scattered all throughout the maze until you find out you’re getting chased by ghosts and you die with one touch. It was exciting at the time, with the pressure of ghosts chasing after you while you have to collect all the dots in the maze and feeling that sense of vulnerability unless you happen to eat the giant pac-dot—the solution for you to finally get to have your revenge on these ghosts…temporarily. It was a scary game at some point, knowing that these ghosts don’t die at all even after you eat them; they just retreat and come back normal again. A quite difficult game too, if you will. And if someone beats the game, there’s this obligation that the next person must have a better score.

Same goes for Donkey Kong the following year, 1981. The goal was simple: get to the top, dodge all obstacles being thrown by Donkey Kong and get to your girlfriend. The protagonist was not Mario at that time. He was “Jumpman” and later on, his girlfriend would be Pauline. He wasn’t Mario until he got his standalone game in 1985. This game too was a huge coin eater as the game had a simple objective but had a difficult gameplay. Players have to time their jumps right and whether or not they should use the ladder. If you fall in the cracks, you die too. And if you happen to reach Pauline and find out about your score, then someone else will want to replace you with better numbers.

Donkey Kong was also the first known video game to have a spin-off as well as sequels namely Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong II, and Donkey Kong 3 respectively from 1982 to 1983.

Games such as Defender, Frogger, Centipede, and Pole Position were also top games of the early 80s.

And then came the Nintendo 1983. They released their first ever consoles to compete with the Atari—the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) which was released in the Western countries and the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) for Japan. Now arcade-goers can just sit back and relax at home to play their same favorite games this time in front of the tv. It was a phenomenal hit and would later become the biggest video game company in the world.

And as such, other companies would compete against this unstoppable juggernaut that hailed from Japan. Some succeeded, a lot never did. Throughout the course of the late 80s to the early 2000s, it was a huge console race. But in the end, it is the gamers who win—gamers that love what they do and gamers that enjoy what they play for how the developers have made these games.

As decades would come, gaming was no longer the same—this new entertainment would create a culture of its own, growing different genres for different people and had its own little society that previous generations thought was a joke.

Now here we are in 2018, with gaming becoming a norm of society and its industry as one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Gaming isn’t just entertainment anymore—it is a business, it is a social gathering, it is a way of life.

So what was the reason why I brought a brief history of video games if the title of this topic is about what game you should choose for your Twitch stream?

Do you even notice why there were lots in line just to play Pac-Man, Double Dragon or Galaga? It’s not just because they found the game good, it’s also because they want to speculate the gamer—how he plays the game, how defeats the game, and how he performs while playing the game.

Spectacles are what also brought in people to come and compete or just to try out the game. Those that were number one in the all-time high scores were the local heroes of the town, the unsung celebrities that never got recognition beyond the few hundred people within the location.

These were, at some point, the first recorded live streamers. Before webcams and the internet were created, people had to go to the arcade personally to see how this player does what he does. Some were quiet individuals while some were very showy. It became a niche where a handful of people actually enjoy watching other people play. Our fathers would even go to their friends’ place just so they can watch their friend play The Legend of Zelda or if he plays Metroid and finds out that Samus was a girl all this time and you can even unlock a bikini costume. Or maybe just simply so they can play Super Mario Bros. together in co-op mode.

I know this sounds cliché, but times were much simpler back then.

Don’t even get me started on how fighting games, especially in the 90s, were. They were the first ever competitive shows that were unofficially electronic sports. Unlike Pong or beating some else’s score in Galaga, fighting games had secret skill sets rewarded for those that experiment in the game.

The fact that one player suddenly does the hadouken in Street Fighter makes spectators go, “How did he do that?!” or maybe when the announcer says, “FINISH HIM” in Mortal Kombat and suddenly this nerdy-looking freak knows how to do Sub-Zero’s moves and rip the head along with the spine from the body for that gory Fatality and everyone’s like, “OHHHH!”

Then you have racing games too. Remember NASCAR 98 and its 8-player LAN competition? Maybe OutRunners that had a 4-player versus mode? These were great competitive games back in the day. Racing games had you blowout through the streets without having to make any major accidents in real life.

But then competition once again changed with the introduction of the internet. Unlike consoles, the PC had the upper hand by introducing a new kind of way to play with other gamers—online. You never have to invite someone to your house just so you can play the Goldeneye multiplayer or do a 1v1 with a mate on Tekken 3. The PC had Quake and Unreal Tournament—games that would also shape the future of shooters and multiplayer at home.

If I do say so myself, it was the introduction of home multiplayer and the general existence of home gaming consoles that killed off a lot of arcade stores.

Then came Counter-Strike and suddenly everyone was into online gaming. For a short while, singleplayer game sales came to a slight halt due to majority of gamers, especially on PC for the enjoyment of the classic 5v5 terrorists vs counter-terrorists.

And then once again, online multiplayer found a new home—into Blizzard’s games, StarCraft and WarCraft 3: fast-paced RTS games that would soon be one of the earliest foundations of esports.


Speaking of esports, that industry alone makes more money now than the American MLB or Major League Baseball. MOBAs, FPS, fighting games, racing, and battle royale, competitive gaming would not have existed if it wasn’t for the first batch of gamers that lined up in the arcade just so they can play Street Fighter or beat the #1 highest score in Donkey Kong.

Twitch feeds on video gaming for the most part. Here, we will talk about what potential video games are out there right now that you might be even become popular with. Will you become a niche player or someone who is looking to be part of the mainstream community that seeks to be one of the best players in that particular game?

We’ll be looking at the more popular games in the Top Games category of Twitch. It’s your call if you want to follow these. If not, I’m not stopping you. After all, there’s nothing wrong to livestream whatever game you want. It’s just that these accumulate the most followers and viewers.

Each category will have overall total viewership of each well-known game, the famous games right now in that category, and well-known streamers in each game. All the numbers stated in the following categories are updated last June 15, 2018.

Fighting Games

Fighting games are the foundation of competitive gaming. If you happen to be very good at juggling, stacking combos and having the ability to main a fighter, you might want to consider feeling at home with streaming fighting games. Doesn’t matter which title it is—Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, as long as you’re able to play in high tiers, you might get a shot of earning new followers and lots of viewership.

Popular games right now:

Street Fighter V: 935,013 followers

The first famous one-on-one fighting game, SFV is back and better than ever before. Ever since the dawn of FGC, Capcom has made the game more competitive than it once was. Sure it doesn’t have the same smooth combo stacking like in the Alpha series, SF3 or Capcom vs SNK, but being here will net you some good amount of viewerships. If you haven’t played it yet, move sets of classic characters are still the same with some new twists. Also it even lets you choose styles from SFII, SF:Alpha, SFIII or SFIV which I personally think is just great.

Popular Streamers:

Dragon Ball FighterZ: 855, 611 followers

In less than a year, DBFZ has earned so many followers and this is for several good reasons: 1.) it has a 3v3 combat that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite should have been ) Fights just look so gorgeous and over the top  3.) Spectators want to master the game by watching pro-players  4.) Android 21

Popular Streamers:

Tekken 7: 654,601 followers

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 7 is considered by many as the smoothest and the best combat in the series. It now features ultra combos and more juggling maneuvers than ever before as well as probably the most accurate hitboxes in any fighting game. A lot more competitive now since Namco really want this game to be in the main stage of FGC.

Popular Streamers:

Mortal Kombat X: 597,657 followers

The ongoing Mortal Kombat series is still living up to its fame for gory fatalities and crude humor. MKX alone has evolved from simple combat mechanics with complicated special moves into complicated combat mechanics with simple special moves. It even houses 3 unique fighting styles for each character.

Popular Streamers:

Injustice 2: 454,023 followers

This DC superhero/villain beat-em-up has been around since last year and has grown a significant community that enjoys the game for what it is and not for its competitiveness. Yes the game has a high skill-building but who wouldn’t enjoy seeing Batman beat the shit out of Superman everytime?

Popular Streamers:

Action RPG Games

Twitch loves seeing streamers roleplay inside an RPG (well it IS called roleplaying game for a reason). The build-your-own-destiny goal is a classic that never seems to get old at all. Who wouldn’t want to shape his or her own fate? Mass Effect 3 is an exception though.

Popular games right now:

Grand Theft Auto V: 12,214,109 followers

  • I know what you’re thinking, “Hey, GTAV isn’t an RPG!” No it is not, yes it has roleplaying elements to it. LITERALLY roleplaying since the streamers always make stories in their games during the online play. Ever since the debut of the PC version in 2015, the game got even more popular than it ever has. Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be released very soon, people are hyping up themselves with GTAV and now would be the perfect time to stream in it.

Popular Streamers:

Warframe: 1,081,020 followers

Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe has been going at it since 2013 and has always been the king of free-to-play ARPG right along Path of Exile. Unlike the latter, this one is a 3rd person over-the-shoulder camera-based RPG that includes alien ninjas and the best booties to ever exist in video games. While the story can be downright confusing, its gameplay and overall quality, however, makes this game one of the most beloved ongoing games of all time. Not to mention Digital Extremes being one of those developers that are blessed by God for their selfless deeds of creating a game with lots of passion and not charging a single cent. No gacha, no lootboxes, no hidden microtransactions, just solid gameplay. And yes, it is still a popular niche In Twitch.

Popular Streamers:

Dark Souls (578,412 followers) and Dark Souls III (1,142,505 followers)

I just combined both of them because, well…DS is DS. While the 1st game may be a gimmick for no-death challenges and speedruns nowadays like beating the game with a Rock Band controller or using voice command, it’s still a work of art. Not to mention the popularity it has gained back ever since its Remastered release last May. DSIII, on the other hand, is more sought-out by spectators for its much more stable multiplayer as well as the smoother combat mechanics. Either way, if you want to be known for playing Dark Souls, you got to git gud.

Popular Streamers:

Path of Exile: 681,725 followers

This free-to-play RPG has been around for a long time since 2013. It didn’t come out as good as it is now but the community really loves this game. It’s even better than Diablo III in many ways. If you haven’t played it, it’s a lootfest RPG that has the same mechanics as Torchlight II. Except this one has actual PvP and ever since 2017, the game has really stepped up, making it one of the best ARPGs ever made. Also the fact that you can unlock everything without having to pay makes this brutally similar to Warframe’s selfless act of developing a game with lots of love.

Popular Streamers:


1st Person Shooter Games

This category is probably the most diverse out of all the genres. You have straight-up nonsensical shooting, strategic gameplay and competitive class-based. Shooters come in different perspectives from top-down bullet-hell, 3rd person or, the most prominent, 1st person. Twitch is no stranger to such games and it houses so many popular FPS titles around, from online competitions to the usual war-em-up (if that term exists. You know what I mean). This here is one of the easiest genres to get into.

Popular games right now:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 10,291,501 followers

The longest-reigning competitive FPS on Twitch, CSGO continues to dominate the website with nonstop channels that always have so much esports leagues. It’s like there’s always a new league everyday. The skill-building here is very high so if you’re not familiar with CSGO, you might want to look elsewhere but if you have been playing this for a long time now, you best get to it. Those who have been playing since CS 1.1 to CS:Source are most welcome. Not to mention this is the game that kickstarted the livestream stardom of Summit1G and Shroud.

Popular Streamers:

Overwatch: 9,714,403 followers

Overwatch right now has the 2nd most followers for FPS games on Twitch. Blizzard’s genius marketing tactics as well as providing a colorful cast of characters make this one of the fastest growing games ever as well as one of the fastest games to earn so many followers on Twitch within just 2 years. Beginners are welcome to try out and stream here. The game is still fun in both competitive and casual but you have to have particular mains to use all-around. In the long term, you could become synonymous to such heroes if you’re given that big break in the website.

Popular Streamers:

Rainbow Six: Siege: 5,770,390 followers

Up next in our line of FPS games is R6S, which started out poorly in 2015 but has slowly turned into a beautiful swan in 2018. The game offers both competitive and casual experience but it’s still much harder to pick up than Overwatch. Nonetheless, either you’re watching or you’re playing, the action is great. The tense build-up is always there especially if you’re the last survivor vs 3 others. It’s pretty much like CSGO except this is one is as class-based as Overwatch or TF2.

Popular Streamers:

Call of Duty WWII: 5,751,068 followers

Love it or hate it, CoD is still going strong. While the world is waiting for Black Ops 4 and lots of its potential Twitch-worthy content, we can still settle with the historically-incorrect World War II game complete with black female Nazis. This is one of the easiest games to pick up and doesn’t need huge skills like CSGO or R6S. Nevertheless, it’s still fun to spectate.

Popular Streamers:


Digital Sports Games

Not to be confused with official sports games like FIFA, NBA or NFL, this category includes sports games that are exclusive to gaming, particularly those that are esports potential. If you’re not into the shooting and killing but would like to get involved with today’s modern sports, this is definitely for you.


Popular games right now:

Hearthstone: 4,385,151 followers

Hearthstone has been around for a very long time. It’s a simple yet addictive card game that a lot of streamers prefer to use because they get to engage with their followers more due to turn-based rules.

Popular Streamers:

Rocket League: 4,068,753 followers

Rocket League should be considered as the official sports for video games. It’s wholesome, it’s thrilling, it’s lots of fun to watch. With a huge skill tree to climb, you will need to practice a lot before you can be considered a watchable Twitch personality. If you’re really good, you might land up in a pro league.

Popular Streamers:


MOBA Games

Also known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA games are the reason why esports has lit up in the world of global sports. The media, as well as ESPN, would not dedicate esports section if it wasn’t for the popularity of this genre. Yes, the game may not be for everyone but it is a great genre that anyone can be famous for.

Popular games right now:

League of Legends: 11,586,325 followers

League of Legends was the most popular game on Twitch as well as the most followed until battle royale came into existence. The fast-paced world of LoL is both a good game to be known for playing and for spectating. This is like basketball…except it has slaying and destroying. Majority of top Twitch streamers are actually League players both pro and non-pro so if they can do it, then you can too. Just get ready for lots of toxic players.

There’s a lot of known streamers here so I’ll pick 3 recommended people.

Popular Streamers:

DotA 2: 5,041,914 followers

For the longest time, DotA 2 has been LoL’s archnemesis ever since its debut in 2011. Known to be more complicated and longer-paced, DotA 2 has a very solid fanbase. If you haven’t played the game but want to be a well-known Twitch streamer, either practice hard here first or look elsewhere.

Popular Streamers:

Honorable Mentions:

  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Smite
  • Arena of Valor
  • Vainglory


Battle Royale

Last on our list is currently multiplayer’s most popular genre, battle royale. This multiplayer category has seen so many versions of it but only 3 are very popular at the moment. If you’re the basic player who’s looking to make a name for himself on Twitch, battle royale is the starter kit just for you.

Popular games right now:

Fortnite: 19,574,188 followers

Epic Games’ Fortnite is by far the most popular game right on Twitch as well as the most followed, defeating League of Legends’ 6-year reign. This is also the fastest growing game and earns the most revenue compared to any game right now. It’s EXTREMELY huge right now but only time will tell if it is going to stay on its throne for a long time. Being famous here will be tough as majority of Twitch streamers are playing Fortnite.

There’s so much popular Fortnite streamers right now so I’ll stick with the 3 fastest growing channels according to

Popular Streamers:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: 17,213,151 followers

What used to be the king of BR is now the second-in-command. PUBG was 2017’s most popular game on Twitch as well as the fastest growing too until Fortnite showed up. Considered harder than Fortnite, PUBG is like a military simulator with some bugs and glitches. The game is still accessible and playable but beware of alienated Chinese players and hackers.

Popular Streamers:


Simulator Games

Games like the newest Jurassic World Evolution, the unique Frostpunk, vehicle-based Simulator games, and the immortal favorite Civilization series, simulators are part of the niche category in which players prefer thinking over fast-paced action.



MMORPGs will never die. World of Warcraft has shown us that since 2004 and is still a thrill to watch. Still can’t believe it has its own esports now though. Other games like Black Desert Online, Runescape, Final Fantasy XIV, and The Elder Scrolls Online are still hits on Twitch. The certain calm moments are great for engaging with the audience.


In the end, it is up to you in which game you want to be known as. Just make sure you stick to it and keep that hard work, determination, and consistency with you all the time no matter how long it will take you. Becoming famous on Twitch will be hard but just stay strong and keep at it and there will come a time when you will get a big break.