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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Top 10 Live Streamers for the Week of April 26 to May 2, 2018

The tally is up again. Here are this week’s Top 10 Streamers on Twitch Based on Total Hours Watched, from April 26, Thursday to May 2, Wednesday (source:

  1. Ninja (—112,228 average viewers
  2. Epicenter_ru (—49,736 average viewers
  3. Shroud(—40,026 average viewers
  4. TSM_Myth (—34,206 average viewers
  5. OverwatchLeague (—32,489 average viewers
  6. CD Projekt Red (—28,752 average viewers
  7. Epicenter_en1(—27,859 average viewers
  8. Dakotaz (—27,171 average viewers
  9. RiotGames (—27,109 average viewers
  10. Warcraft (—26,499 average viewers

It’s no surprise to see Ninja be consistently at the top of the leaderboard. After all, he’s the longest reigning #1 solo streamer ever since his debut appearance in the hit battle royale game, Fortnite. In all honesty, 112,000 viewers are actually pretty few for him at this point since he even peaks up to 200k during normal days, especially during the weekends. It’s either the fans were just busy or some of them actually opened their eyes and thought the battle royale game is just a hyped-up train of a trend. There is no news yet whether or not he is going to host a new event soon or if he ever invites a new celebrity to duo with him and brings on the enemies.

Epicenter is a well-known broadcaster of everything DotA 2. The Russian channel is one of the most popular and regularly visited streams in Eastern Europe. On 7th place in the standing is the English version of the channel, however its counterpart, BeyondTheSummit (, rakes more viewers for the English-speaking audience.

Shroud is also a common name in the leaderboard along with Ninja. If you haven’t heard of Shroud, he’s one of the most iconic PUBG players (as well as some Fortnite) around in the Twitch community. He recently gave up on the professional scene in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in exchange for having a consistent schedule on live streaming for his millions of concurrent fans. If Ninja was not a powerhouse at all or if Fortnite never came into existence, there is no doubt that Shroud would have been the number one most viewed and have the most followers as a solo streamer.

TSM_Myth is also no stranger in the leaderboards. Myth is highly regarded as one of the best players in Fortnite to ever exist and is also one of Ninja’s good friends. The pro TSM member is also considered the 2nd best Fortnite player after Tyler Blevins himself. He is also one of the fastest growing channels on Twitch, with a steady rate of having at least 650,000 followers every month, making him this month’s Top 10 out of 100 Twitch streamers based on the number of followers. He currently has 2,263,677 followers with overall channel views of 22,344,382. He recently surpassed Dr. DisRespect and Nightblue3.

Overwatch had a big haul this week, making it one of the top games of the day on Twitch with over 96,825 viewers during the last weekend, as OverwatchLeague was the one responsible for such high numbers. It was the Inaugural Season for Overwatch League, counting down to the Worlds Championship several months from now.

CD Projekt Red, the team behind the critically-acclaimed smash hit The Witcher series, has lit up in the top games spot as well as its name popping up in the trending category. “A new The Witcher game,” you ask? Nope. Just the pro league of their Witcher card game battle. It’s called GWENT Challenger, which is considered as thrilling as the Hearthstone esports. Over the last week, GWENT Challenger broadcasted the semi-finals of the league. $100,000 is at stake to whoever wins next week.

Dakotaz is also considered one of the greatest Fortnite players too, besides Myth. His channel has been growing ever so rapidly ever since he competed in Ninja’s self-hosted event, Ninja Vegas ’18 back in April 22, wherein he was a victor of 1 round against him and other top players of the game. He won $2,500 that time. Ever since his exposure, fans of Ninja began spectating Dakotaz and liked what they saw. The channel kept on blowing up to the point where he is now in the Top 29 of 100 Twitch streamers based on the number of followers. He currently holds 1,298,214 followers, with 28,977,272 average number of viewers. Over the last month, he gained 314,534 new followers.

RiotGames has been showing reruns of previous pro leagues, just in time for this month’s much-awaited Mid-Season Invitationals. No doubt, Riot Games may be crowned #1 in the leaderboards within this month as the whole world is now tuning in to see who will be named this year’s MSI champions (hint: it could be another Asian team).

Lastly, we have Warcraft at #10. They broadcasted the EU MDI battle in World of Warcraft featuring teams such as Team PogChamp, Method, Infinite and Team Raider.IO. If you weren’t aware, yes, WoW actually has an esports league.