Welcome Battle Royale
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

The Newest Free-To-Play Battle Royale Game from the Team Behind LawBreakers

And the next highly anticipated game of this season is… well, another battle royale game. Yes yes, the battle royale genre is honestly getting a bit too out of hand now lately with numerous upcoming titles under the same mechanics but with different skins and themes. This time, it’s coming from Boss Key Productions. Ring a bell? Well, if it’s not, just know that they were the team who made the class-based FPS multiplayer, LawBreakers — courtesy of no other than Mr. Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinki.

I know what you’re thinking, “For real, though? Another Battle Royale game? We already have hundreds of that right now!” Okay, yes, but I need you to relax for a second. As much as this type of multiplayer has gone overly saturated at this point, Twitch really cannot get enough of battle royale.

Take note that the top spots for video game titles currently on Twitch, based on daily viewership, are Fortnite (1st in ranking) and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (3rd and sometimes even 2nd), ever since the third quarter of 2017, with League of Legends always getting sandwiched between the two games. Now with some potential seen in the likes of Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale, in which Shroud thinks can compete in the rankings for viewership on Twitch, Boss Key Productions head, Cliffy B, has a huge dream in mind to be in one of those high-ranking viewership in the website as well as the amount of daily active players—it is called Radical Heights.

CliffyB was always known to make ambitious titles ever since his involvement with Epic Games—you do realize that he and the team came up with the legendary Unreal series, right? Yes, the man was also behind what would be today’s most influential game development software—the Unreal Engine.

In fact, he was known to revolutionize and compete with high profile game titles within a genre: he came up with Unreal Tournament to face off against Quake Arena. After the success of both Unreal and Unreal Tournament, he would move on to create a single player project called Rune, which used the same software created in his former games. The game was well-received by critics and fans alike.

Due to the popular demand of a sequel to Unreal Tournament, the next consecutive years would be a shining moment to the Unreal series, as well as the evolution of the Unreal engine from 1.0 to 2.0. All of the Unreal games from Unreal Tournament 2003 to Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict has received great reviews. He turned down on the project for Unreal Tournament 3 to focus on Gears of War.

Bleszinski helped in the creation of Unreal Engine 3.0, which would be the software used for his groundbreaking game Gears of War. Following the success of the trilogy, he then leads the design to pay homage to arena shooters with a mix of the grisly GoW theme in Bulletstorm.

In 2014, he retired from Epic Games after 20 years of working for them. Despite his statement in 2015 saying he has retired for good, he returned in 2016, with his own company called Boss Key Productions, later on creating the smash hit Superhot and announced that he will create a “Class-based shooter so good, it’s going to kill Overwatch,” with LawBreakers. Despite the huge ambition he has for his project, its player activity flunked months after its release.  In 2018, LawBreakers has become a free-to-play shooter.

Riding the waves of battle royale, CliffyB seeks to compete the same company he retired from—with his latest project, Radical Heights: a battle royale game but with ATMs and extreme sports, like BMX and skateboards. Sounds promising, to be honest, but will it be able to rival the giant names in the battle royale genre at this point?

CliffyB claims, “This is a survival game unlike any other.” The game features ATM machines in which you can deposit your match money in from the loot and bounties so that on the next match you play in, you can withdraw that cash in exchange for weapons and utilities. The game has been released on Steam just last April 10, 2018.

The world has yet to try out the game. In fact, it was never even promoted before until the news came up just several days ago. Will it ever live up to Cliff Bleszinki’s goals? We will make sure to find out. There is no word from any of the big-name streamers yet such as Summit1G, Ninja, Myth, Shroud or even Dr. DisRespect, but what we do know is that Radical Heights is going to have a really huge challenge in terms of acquiring loyal players who will enjoy the game as well as the overall gameplay and performance of the ambitious battle royal game.