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Terraria: An Underrated Game Worth Noticing

On May 2011, no one would have suspected a 2D side-scroller survival game to become a cherished addictive title that is somewhat similar to Minecraft but in a more spontaneous way with much more colorful aesthetic and memorable grand bosses to fight. Terraria was a joy to behold—it was a love letter to video gaming as a whole; paying tribute to old classics such as Super Mario Brothers and Ghosts n’ Goblins. It even has a very complex crafting system that is also simple to do at the same time: crafting is easy to do but extremely hard to master. The game doesn’t even have a dedicated storyline—you just open up a world, set the size you want from the tiniest piece of land to the grand-scale epic world and create your own character, whether it’s an ideal representation of yourself in real life, a completely random avatar or your favorite Sonic/Furry/MLP/Undertale OC. There is no story for you to follow. You just have to make one yourself.

And it is the randomly generated world that makes up the story—the environment is the story. The caves, the hidden dungeons, the possible reaching of space with enough stacked dirt blocks. The creatures both hideous and wonderful—these are what makes the game have its own chronicle into various unpredictable set pieces. And yes, it is true that you can actually get to hell if you dig deep enough, only to find impending doom waiting for you…unless you have a legendary armor at your disposal with a greatsword that is mighty enough to kill the wall of flesh.

A lot of people have been addicted to this game—some even call this “Minecraft but better.” The game is honestly not for everyone since it does take a lot of time investment to know even just the slightest basics of the game. You may think it’s just some children’s playground like Minecraft but it is actually one of the most enduring, complicated and even frustrating (but never unfair) experiences you can ever have in a video game. Do you love humongous boss battles? Terraria has it. Would you like to emulate the same difficulty you had playing as Arthur in Ghosts n’ Goblins? Terraria shall provide. Want to take care of the game environment whilst building up a swanky home for you to show off to your friends? Oh yes, Terraria definitely gives.

It ranges from in-your-face “screw you, you suck at this boss” fights, in which you even have to manipulate the terrain in order to effectively defeat a boss, to the most breath-taking spectating of the world that surrounds you as you construct your own fort and becoming the game’s greatest spelunker. Why do you think 12 million fans and counting have been playing this game even to this day?

Not to mention how the dev team, RE-LOGIC, is such a heartfelt company of good people, listening to their fans and constantly updating the game with lots of stuff. In fact, Terraria should be given at least a nomination for Best Ongoing Game this year at the 2018 Game Awards. They deserve at least that. The console ports are decent, though a bit buggy, at least the team is trying their best to expand the game, even to the mobile genre. All these updates and not even one microtransaction. Now that is what the gaming industry needs more. The game is still putting up profits for the team, but they care less for modern day loot boxes and multiplayer trends to get easy cash grabs. Quite honestly, we don’t deserve RE-LOGIC. It’s just too good.

Even if you aren’t a fan of survival crafting games, you should give this a try at least once. This is considered a masterpiece of gaming that you should experience even for just a short while.

The Twitch Platform

To be fair, Terraria was not pretty hot in Twitch, but it still pops up in the Top Games from time to time, especially when the once-controversial Destiny ( plays it, putting up +2,000 viewers to spectate. As of April, it has a constant viewership of 1,000+ to 2,000+ daily, thanks to certain consistent Terraria live streamers Pedguin ( and Badger (, according to

Terraria is quite frankly a niche game at this point, straying far away from the likes of competitive multiplayer and Twitch streamers with over-the-top personalities. The game is chill, replicating that of the broadcasters’ attitudes.

Personally, I do consider Terraria as an underrated video game to watch on Twitch. Not because I love playing the game, but because it’s like watching Bob Ross’ 24/7 painting channel on Creative. Players manipulate the world, turning it into a canvas. It’s relaxing. In fact, it somehow reliefs the stress away, even if it’s watching a boss fight.

It’s also a great video game to start up as a small Twitch streamer or when building up some skill for a game to show off to the world. You should see the people in the comment sections. Good grief, the viewers are so generous and selfless to share their Terraria tips, you’d think it’s Christmas every day on Terraria live stream comment sections. They don’t judge the skill of the player. They just judge however they mold the world.

If someone tells you otherwise that Terraria is no good… he’s most likely a grumpy boba tea-drinking, easily-offended vegan soyboy beta-male who only plays normie AAA video games and purchases DLCs who has no taste for real quality gaming. But hey, that’s just my opinion… with the rest of the millions of loyal fans and a dedicated fanbase minus crybaby pre-teens and contributors who do not create cringe content.