What's Up With Summit1G
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Summit1g’s Daily Viewer Average Drops in Half

Summit1G is one of the biggest streamers alive on Twitch. In fact, based on SocialBlade, the former CSGO competitive player is the 2nd most followed live streamer with a massive number of 3,010,544 followers, with total average channel views of 212,625,564 as of April 2018.

On a daily average, he gets tons of viewers ranging from 30k to 40k. However, recently, his numbers went down to 20k and even only peak at just 15k. If you are a Summit1G follower, you might have been aware of his inconsistency lately when it comes to releasing live streams. Also nowadays, the man has no ideal game he is known for playing, not until recently on his Fortnite and Sea of Thieves games.

In fact, a lot of his viewers have been dwindling and confused as to what Summit1G really wants to showcase; is it going to be another fun Fortnite session? A great strategic gameplay on Sea of Thieves in which he is really known for? Maybe another round of Far Cry 5? Probably going back to CSGO? It just seems like Summit1G really wants to find that game in which he wants to be known for.

Ironically, even if he is the #2 on the Top 100 Twitch streamers, he always gets overshadowed by his own competition between the 3 biggest video games (Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG) being recorded live every day – you have Ninja considered by most to be the best Fortnite player and Shroud being the king of PUBG. Unfortunately, Summit1G doesn’t play League of Legends at all, so that leaves him with other games that really do not rack up in the leaderboard of viewership, not at least at the moment – Mostly Sea of Thieves; a game which the crowd loves seeing him play, CSGO and Far Cry 5; wherein his audience aren’t really into.

Another possible reason as to why his audience count has gone down is mainly because of his continuous ranting, especially during his recent return on CSGO. Ironically, being a former Counter-Strike competitor going back to his roots actually hurt his reputation; if you haven’t watched him play CS, he would constantly show signs of frustration and complain about the game and the players. These are just a couple of probabilities as to why quite a number of his followers have not been tuning in to his Twitch channel.

“If he keeps ranting and gets gloomed over, why is he #2 then,” you ask? That’s because people love his fun side more than his own competitive side. People absolutely adore seeing him laugh and scream with lots of energy, witnessing the joy he’s having playing these games. Quite honestly, he does have a unique character – being the “Bruh” type of dude as well as being in character he’s playing at in a game such as being a pirate on Sea of Thieves or just being his wacky self on Fortnite or PUBG.

Despite him complaining at times, Summit1G is an overall good guy; it’s pretty seldom nowadays for a big-name streamer to be talking with his audience, much more even at least saying “what’s up” to certain individuals. The live streamer is a pretty humble man as if he’s just playing a game while being surrounded by friends and just constantly interacts with them rather than being the showboating type
and the usual “LOOK AT ME! WITNESS ME! I AM THE BEST!” kind of egotistic personality.

You know that particular kind of people that are on top of their game but see themselves as like nothing better than anyone else just because he’s simply just having fun with what he does? Summit1G is that kind of person. And the audience loves it. Sure, there are plenty of times when he becomes harsh and edgy but he apologizes for it at the end of the day. They adore his humbleness. But whenever he transitions back to his hard-headed competitive attitude, the audience just… don’t like it. They love seeing someone who just genuinely enjoys playing video games, not the stressed-out type of player, blaming everything and everyone that is wrong about a game nobody wants to see him play.

So why does he keep on going back to CSGO even if it is obvious he doesn’t enjoy the game nor entertains the virtual crowd? We will never know; it is for him to know and for us to find out.

Despite the uncertainty of his own schedules and the lack of a sole game for which he would be known for, Summit1G is still one of the most entertaining Twitch streamers to watch as he plays games – an aspect in which a lot of streamers cannot out-stage him from. Not an ounce of dead-air is present in any of his live streams. Not even a minute. It keeps the viewers engaged, and engagement is a very important way to keep your audience supporting you no matter what.

Do you watch Summit1G? Do you enjoy watching his live streams? Do you have your own opinion as to why he’s not getting as many views as he does before? Let us know in the comments below!