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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Summit1G Punches the Camera, Internet Reacts

Hey, remember that sudden burst of fisticuffed rage by Summit1G back on May 11, 2018 during a practice session for the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown tournament? No? Well take a good look:

Yes, that was him ragequitting in a training session with his team. The stream ended abruptly after just a few hours instead of the usual 7 to 8+ hours that he did. Of course, after such hasty act, the internet blew up. Here is a subreddit post from u/chadochocinqo:

However, the most ironic moment of that game was that he got killed by a player whose username is “SummitLikesBoys”. Talk about irony, huh? Viewers were concerned and laughed at the same time at such reaction. From time to time, we get to see Twitch streamers raging so hard in front of the camera that they just let their boiling point take control of them and wreak havoc. But in the case of Summit1G, it was pretty… suave. Like he just had to wind up and do a super punch that looked like a textbook power jab.

People actually thought he obliterated his monitor with a single punch, but according to him, that monitor is still up and running. Here is a video of his proof:

After such action, of course, other internet personalities and streamers such as Dr. DisRespect and Shroud reacted to his rage. Dr. DisRespect even admired the rage and wind-up of Summit1G. The Doc genuinely loved at how unironic and powerful that anger was and saying, “There you go baby! That’s what I’m talking about! I like the wind-up.”

“Enjoy your weekend, Summit. You deserve it,” said the Doc before he ended the clip.

For Dr. DisRespect, that rage clip reminded him of his early days during the Halo 2 and 3 multiplayer bonanzas. “We’ve all been there. I’ve been there,” he said.

Of course, this clip was passed on to Shroud wherein he just laughed it out. For some reason, he was reacting to Dr. DisRespect reacting to Summt1G’s reaction. It was pretty odd to watch but alluring at the same time. Here is a clip, courtesy of OddShot Compilations:

The ragequit and fury, of course, have brought in several memes based on the clip:

Rage does get the best of us, especially when our day isn’t going right and you just want to play some video games to ease off the stress driven by reality. Looked like it really hit him hard when “SummitLikesBoys” even flamed at him and said, “You’re so terrible Summit!”

Based on the video, a lot of the spectators have said he got stream-sniped and it looked it really was. Of all the players that could kill him, a player with an insulting username against him actually defeated Summit? Coincidence? I think not.

To some parts of the Twitch community, some have said that he only did it because his channel was “dying”. Another person from Reddit has said he just “wanted to be relevant again”. Yes, they do sound harsh, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There was a premise to why he did such a thing: a couple of hours before the rage started, during a live stream game of CSGO, he returned from the veterinarian to find out about his dog’s condition. Apparently, his dog had a stomach illness and this concerned him a lot, along with the viewers that have been with him throughout all the years since he started back in 2012. Here is the clip about his visit from the vet:

Sad news indeed and here’s to hoping his dog is going to be alright.

Summit1G is regarded as one of the top streamers based on Followers. He was the longest-reigning top streamer before the battle royale craze drove everyone into watching and playing it. Jaryd “Summit1G” Lazar is known best for his Counter-Strike games since he started back in 2012. He isn’t a pro player at all, but his competitive nature on CSGO made him famous on the website. Plus, he has character unlike a lot of players streaming on Twitch.

He later then transitioned to DayZ when it was the hot topic back then and got his hands on PUBG when it came out last year on March 2017 and played some Fortnite and Sea of Thieves, which even doubled his follower count.

He used to have a total viewership of 50 to 70,000 pre-Fortnite days but currently, his average is 30,000 per live stream. It’s still a big number but not big enough for Summit. Some have said it was because of his constant ranting about CSGO while some have said it was because he kept on switching different games that his niche scattered everywhere.

Nonetheless, he is still a beloved person on Twitch with 3,968,130 followers as of May 18, 2018.