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Success of Six-Figure Twitch Streamers Traces Back to One Man

Play games and earn money—that’s the dream that the successful Twitch streamers are living right now. We’ve always talked about how much Ninja earns or how much net worth Imaqtpie is or how did a big-name streamer get major sponsors from the likes of Red Bull, Monster, Intel and Nvidia. Well, today, we’re here to discuss about that one guy behind all these that is responsible for giving our beloved streamers (as well as aspiring ones) to earn big bucks, living away from corporate slavery and just stay at home, doing a passionate past time that everyone on Twitch shares—video games.

And who could that man be? He goes by the name of Omeed Dariani—the founder of Online Performers Group, a “management resource for independent content creators”. Basically, what his company does is become the agent of the client; this means they will manage your Twitch analysis from viewer count to average followers per day, give you professional advice courtesy of experienced pro gamers, manage your taxes, bookkeeping, assist in your scheduling, arrange travels and meet-ups, market your channel, promote you to other studios and people with power, network with fellow streamers and make negotiations when it comes to payment.

Sounds fancy, is it not? Omeed has promised to do all the business stuff and finance for the streamers.

“They’re entertainers, they’re nice people, but they’re not business savvy. They need people in their corner,” Mr. Dariani said during a CNBC interview.

Online Performers Group, or OPG for short, was founded in 2014 by him and his wife during the perfect moment when Amazon bought Twitch for $970M. OPG manages the welfare of the streamers while they do their usual thing on the website and they take a piece of the pie from the revenue.

“You wouldn’t expect someone like Tom Cruise to walk into a meeting room and negotiate his contract — he’s got people for that. Streamers are getting to the point that they need that, so they can focus on their performance,” he told.

They handle high-profile sponsors and does the contract signing for the streamers. They also manage calls as well as emails and social media marketing by proxy for the streamers.

They manage the backbreaking load and everything business and entrepreneurship while you get to sit back, relax, play your video games and just let the money roll in day by day.

Naturally, OPG saw the opportunity of managing Twitch streamers as they are the modern influencers of the video game culture. Game sales are now also affected by these personalities as well as bringing more exposure to gaming brands too such as accessories, gaming chairs, headsets and even apparel.

Omeed Dariani’s company is one of the most successful virtual assistants in the world of the fast media market today. OPG is also a reputable group, with their clients being popular folks such as Anthony Kongphan (, CobaltStreak (, Tangent (, Diction ( and Angry Joe (

Of course, OPG is only good if you are already a reputable person on Twitch. If you wish to have someone to manage your money especially when you are just a starting competitor on the site, you might want to do it by yourself first. Frankly, everything is much simpler in the beginning, with just you having to manage the donations. But if you keep at it on the long run and you find yourself as an up and coming Twitch star, you may have to consider giving Online Performers Group a try—they’ll handle your finances, they can scale up your income from four digits to five or even six, and they will do all the “boring grown-up” stuff just for you.

This is what you call a virtual assistant. Successful online business owners have at least one VA to help with the accounting parts and all the math. They do your bookkeeping, your revenue, profit, expenses, credits and income, they will help in tailoring a good schedule for you and they also help promote your page or channel to any social media site that you desire.

As Twitch grows, so does the approach from various corporations. Serious gamers have finally earned the respect they deserve ever since the gaming culture transformed into a monetary way of entertainment. What used to be a joke to society is now one of the highest earning platforms in terms of hobbies.

Movies and TV shows now place ads on gaming channels, players getting endorsed by energy drinks and the latest gadgets, consumer products fill up ad revenue to the site and to the streamer’s channel and now, gamers have their own personal secretaries to do all the dirty work for them.

If your channel is growing as well as planning to have a virtual assistant, just visit