Stardew Valley!
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Makes Its Debut on Twitch

Two years… for two years, fans of the cult hit RPG Stardew Valley have been waiting for a multiplayer feature. Finally, the prayers of the loyal players have been answered. The co-op multiplayer for Stardew Valley has been revealed on Twitch via on April 30, 2018.  Anyone with a copy of the game can get into its closed beta via typing jumpingjunimos on the Beta tab via the Properties menu of the game on Steam.

Stardew Valley is a game developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish—an indie game publishing team who is reputable for releasing aesthetically pleasing and cute art with very addictive gameplay and rich story such as Starbound, Treasure Adventure World and Risk of Rain. They are also responsible for the upcoming Japanese RPG-inspired Eastward, which is to be announced for its release.

Stardew Valley is hailed as one of the best indie RPGs of all time, with major video game reviews giving it high scores: IGN gave it 8.8, GameSpot showed 9 and Metacritic scored it 87%. The game is considered by fans as “a baby of Harvest Moon and Terraria.”

The game has a very simple summary—you have a piece of land and you build a farm. To many uninterested people, this may sound just like Farmville or Township, but in reality, it is one of the most time-investing guilt-free addictive wholesome games that any game should definitely try out at least once.

Rarely do you find a game nowadays that has a full package of everything a gamer wants in just one title: rich storyline, lands to explore, beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, interesting characters, lots of loot and, most of all, no microtransactions, paid DLC or lootbox of any kind.

It is an homage to classic RPGs that a lot of gamers grew up with—it has the simple controls of early J-RPGs such as the first Final Fantasy games from I to VI and the Pokémon series on Nintendo Gameboy, the exploration details of The Legend of Zelda series as well as its combat maneuvers, and the narrative that you cannot get enough of.

If you think farming is just the only thing to do in Stardew Valley, you thought wrong—Stardew Valley is among many things—meeting new interesting characters, finding new places, discovering resources for your farm, exploring caves, defeating cute yet somewhat harmful creatures, meeting the love of your life, having a child, growing old and keep on creating a wonderful farm that you will definitely have lots of time to invest in.

In fact, it is one of the few games with lots of overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam due to the magnificent gameplay and awe-inspiring art style. Not to mention, the dev team themselves are so thoughtful enough to release free DLCs for all the fans to enjoy. Now that’s the kind of game dev company that the AAA high-profile ones such as EA and Activision should be.

Over on the livestream, which was only just 34 minutes long, the creative director of Stardew Valley showed everyone from scratch how the new co-op mode works.

Well, actually, the overall video was just merely 4 minutes long and the rest of it is just a loop. No, really. It was just looping for 34 minutes just for the audience on Twitch to be aware of the much-awaited multiplayer co-op. The creative director said so.

It was also tweeted by @ConcernedApe about the highly anticipated free multiplayer mode.

The mode is still pretty buggy at the moment, but if all goes well, the mode will be in its final release within this month of May.

Personally, I think this is a great add-on and a huge reason for longtime players who haven’t touched the game to come back, but this time, with a friend.

According to the devs, you can invite 3 more people to your farm fiasco and explore together in a brand new world for you and your peers to farm your land in.

To see more on how to activate the multiplayer and invite friends, you can check out their Q&A page via

Some Twitch streamers have started displaying the works of co-op such as and

According to them, it works smoothly and it’s double the fun as it ever was on singleplayer. At this point, especially on its release, there is no doubt that Stardew Valley will light up in the Top Games chart on Twitch. The game itself syncs well with entertaining Twitch streamers along with their buddies, resulting in an appreciative audience impact.

There is still no exact date for the full release but expect it to be done around the 3rd week of May or the 1st week of June.

The game costs less than $10 and you can find it here: