Shroud Awesome Recap
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Shroud Closes Stream With Amazing Gameplay on the Latest PUBG Map

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek of Cloud9 has done it again; concluding a live stream session with a bang and a large hype for the PUBG community.

On the April 3 live stream, the competitive PUBG player gave the audience a glimpse of the latest map from the PUBG team titled, “Savage”, as part of their upcoming latest patch, alongside weapon skins. The map this time is much smaller, with a size of 4 x 4 km, half the measurements of PUBG’s last two maps, both being 8 x 8 km. Savage is proven to be more compact, with more frequent firefights and tons of new intense moments.

While the PUBG team may not admit, it seems they are finding more ways to compete with its other battle royale opponent, Fortnite, directly taking on its fast gunfights and testing player reflexes.

Shroud did a 13-hour live stream that day, showing his appreciation for the new map. “The map looks really beautiful,” as he wonders off onto a mountain whilst finding a good sniping position, equipped with a scoped Kar98k.

“I really love how fast the pace is on this map. Makes up for the long dry moments you get in Erangel,” he uttered as he cleans out 3 incoming players popping out from a window and two others hiding behind a distant hill.

During this time, he wanted to make the live stream into 24 hours, however, of course, things do get tiresome after having a long session with a single game.

“Only thing I just don’t like about this map is the constant spawning of weapons and mods. I guess that’s for the quick firefights,” he said while waiting in queue for the 3rd time playing on the same map.

His last match before closing the stream was one of the moments to remember, with occasions ranging from tense to quite ridiculous –one moment right after landing with several others, he tried vaulting inside a window but could not execute it (which is most likely a bug on beta), making him search for the nearest house right after as he hears bullets zinging from his ears, ducking away from the heat of the moment whilst other players slaughter each other.

At one point he found a G18, and then says, “Ah fuck I don’t need this I need a rifle,” followed up by a player equipped with a loaded SCAR, popping in from a window, until Shroud sprays him down with his auto pistol. Having granted his wishes, he comes out of the small house and back to the large apartment with the window he wanted to jump in. It was not long until someone was carelessly running inside the house, only to meet his fate with Shroud’s gun pointed at his face.

Having heard the gunshots, 4 more players swiftly come inside the house on all corners. Yet, they were all unmatched by Shroud’s reflexes. He picks up a shiny Kar98k with an 8x scope and begins his journey to the safe zone, located on the upper left of his map, wherein he is 500 km away from.

Not long after, a sniper misses her shot from a rooftop. Knowing about his position disadvantage, Shroud hugs the wall of the building in which the sniper held herself up in. Unfortunately, before he can get to her, someone already stole his prey from several kilometers off with a sniper rifle too, revealing the killer’s position to Shroud.

The scene soon became an intense short sniper battle, flicking each other off with single rounds, until Shroud’s target ran off, blinding the live streamer with a smoke grenade. Immediately after, he heard 3 new gunshots coming from the side of the sniper. Knowing that he wasn’t the target anymore, Shroud ran towards the gunfight and pops off 5 new targets, including the sniper he had to fend against.

Our hero takes a rest on a bridge that connects a plain field and a mountainous suburb whilst trying to avoid a red zone that was just a few kilometers from him.

“Lots of RNG here,” he said, knowing how fast the events took place after just 8 minutes.

As the safe zone was shrinking, he carefully treads down the open path towards the center of the white circle – a shooting range. Along the way, he guns down 3 more players with a silenced FAMAS he found from one of the corpses. More firefights break down near the core of the safe zone and cap 2 more players in close quarters within a shed near the shooting range.

22 minutes in, and only 5 remained. He heals himself as he finds out 2 more were killed from each other outside an office he holed up in. He readies up and goes out the room to find a player gulping up on energy drink from a distance. Shroud’s bullet pierces through the skull and discovers a new player shooting him from a mountain, in which the danger zone has not consumed her yet.

Badly hurt, Shroud goes under a flooring by the river that housed a parked motorboat. After suturing up with a med-kit, he pops out and quickly ices the sniper with his assault rifle ticked on single rounds.

25 minutes in the clock and he finally goes head to head in the concrete jungle of the shooting range with a man that has a level 3 helmet and M416. At this moment, just as Shroud pops out of cover… his target gets consumed by the blue zone, concluding the match with “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” with a total of 17 kills. Yes, that ending fight was indeed ridiculous.

“This was a really fun map. I’d love to play more here,” he said whilst stretching his arms. 13 hours into the stream and he was already grown tired. As a way of having a good time, he closes off the stream with Toto’s Africa playing in the background.