The PUBG Killer?
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Ring of Elysium: Another PUBG Clone but Better? Grimmmz Gives Us a First Taste

Barely more than a year later, the battle royale hype is still going strong. The fact that this competitive multiplayer genre trend has not died for quite some time now is actually pretty interesting—usually, a game that revolves around a certain trend or hype, especially in the works of multiplayer, it dies down pretty fast. Sure, there will always be active players revolving such game type, but the rest of the world won’t always be playing it religiously. It’s hard for the developers to keep their game feeling fresh and give players unlimited possibilities in any match. Not only should the company be consistent with their balancing, patches, and updates, but they also have to market their game hard. After all, a product should always be 80% selling and 20% creating. PUBG and Fortnite are doing a splendid job at it so far, keeping the battle royale trend alive. But will their consistency be enough to withstand upcoming rivals in the same genre?

Last week, we talked about Islands of Nyne and Radical Heights as the latest installments of the battle royale saga. Now, a new game has emerged from Tencent, who, get this… is responsible for getting PUBG ported to mobile as well as helping out Bluehole Company in spreading PUBG throughout Asia.

Meet Ring of Elysium—a game that is a carbon copy of a carbon copy of a carbon copy of the battle royale formula. Tencent is known to be a cheeky bastard when it comes to helping in the distribution of video games. You may not have known, but Tencent is responsible for marketing popular western games to China such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, League of Legends and now, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Of all the PUBG clones there is available on the market, quite honestly, RoE is the most appealing—heck, even better than PUBG. If you want to see a glimpse of it, here is a trailer for the game released in the Indonesian server:

Done watching? Okay, let’s break down what’s in store and why a handful of PUBG veterans have called this game better:

  • It has destructible environments and exploitation of lights, which were seen in the likes of Battlefield, Splinter Cell, and even the Source engine.
  • The map is smaller in size but the layout is much different, unlike other PUBG clone maps which were derived from Erangel
  • Game physics is more like a mix of Fortnite with some realistic elements
  • Faster safe circle shrinking, resulting in more skirmishes
  • WAY more optimized for PC, especially those who run on potato computers.

Now with ongoing hype for RoE, and foreign players wanting to try it out, several western players have downloaded the Garena app and set their region to Thailand—since RoE is only available there right now, with the rest of South East Asia coming up soon. Obviously, there would be Twitch streamers to showcase what it is like and how it is compared to PUBG.

Case in point, Grimmmz—the man with remarkable battle royale skills.

Today on April 16, 2018, Grimmmz spent his night playing on what could be a “better PUBG”. On the day of his stream, RoE was in the Top Games chart, trailing behind CSGO and God of War, with 7,395 viewers, with Grimmmz leading in the category.


Deploying himself into the battlefield, he descended with a hang glider—something nobody predicted to come out of a cargo plane.

One thing everyone has noticed in the game is that the player count is shorter—60 players in a relatively smaller map contrary to Erangel. Surprisingly, the map layout actually looks good, starting with the highest peak of the game that looks just like Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, that undoubtedly is pretty much ground zero for any landing party for the first 2 minutes of the game.

Wisely, he and his partner dropped on to a lesser known location, just northwest of the high observatory. For the next 10 minutes, the duo was just salvaging whatever they could find until they came up as one of the last surviving partners in the game.

Unfortunately, he and his partner met their demise on a rooftop while trying to snipe someone beyond the woods. The enemy was good, picking off a kill from miles away.

On the next game, the duo put up a really good match, mowing down players who attempted to run over them, and even an impressive snipe from the man himself. Yet, through it all, he ate his own medicine and was gunned down along with his partner by an unlocated sniper. Check out the highlights of how it went down:

Car chase 1

Car chase 2

Sniping long shot

Sniped back

Ring of Elysium is yet to be announced if there is going to be a global release. For now, it is being fine and dandy in the South East Asian server, called Garena; if you would like to know how to play RoE via the Garena server, you should definitely have to check out this video: