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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Realm Royale Receives Loves from Popular Streamers

Hi-Rez Studios’ very own rendition of battle royale looks very promising: a unique twist to the already-popular multiplayer genre that you cannot find in any current BR game. This may as well be the 3rd contestant in the ever-growing competition of being the best battle royale game right beside Epic Games’ Fortnite and Bluehole’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The game was released on Steam as Early Access last June 5, 2018. Upon release, it peaked at 50,000 players. That is a lot considering this game had minimal advertising plus it dived into the non-stop clash of battle royale games. This is Hi-Rez we’re talking about—they’re popularly known to imitate a well-known competitive multiplayer genre and make it much better and more intuitive than the games that are reputable in such category.

Take for example Smite: Battle of the Gods. One may think it’s just another generic MOBA game looking to topple League of Legends of DotA2 but it actually has exclusive features that these do not: 3rd person action and controls that blends both MMORPG and MOBA, various maps that include different objective types, quality graphics, and the intriguing roster that includes all forms of gods from different mythologies. Ra vs Zeus anyone? Perhaps Cupid vs Athena? Yes, we’ve seen that before in Age of Mythology but that was a different game all in all. Games are quicker and more control-savvy than your regular QWER + click quick casts. It is also regarded as the most underrated MOBA game alongside Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm.

Another one is Paladins: Champions of the Realm—a class-based FPS multiplayer game that closely resembles Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and Blizzard’s highly successful hero-based multiplayer shooter, Overwatch. Paladins was ridiculed especially by Overwatch fans, calling it an OW rip-off since it had champions in the roster that were similar to Overwatch: Fernando and Reinhardt, Viktor and Soldier 76, Androxus and Reaper, and Barik and Torbjorn. While both games have akin characters, Hi-Rez claims they have been working on this project as early as 2011. It even almost came in with a lawsuit fight between the two. While it may not have been as popular as Overwatch, it does have a good consistent daily player base of 30,000 on PC alone. As of May, the game can now be crossplayed between platforms. Right now it does have a bigger roster than Overwatch and heroes that have more identity than similarity over Blizzard’s game.

Now we have Realm Royale, formerly known as Paladins Battlegrounds in 2016 and Paladins Realm Royale the following year. And so far, it’s looking pretty good. And the popular Twitch streamers actually enjoy it, unlike The Culling or Radical Heights (RIP Bosskey Productions).

Streamers such as Ninja, Shroud, TimTheTatman, Summit1G, and Myth have had the taste of the Early Access battle royale game.

Ninja even took 4 days off Fortnite just to spend time with Realm Royale—the longest absence from Fortnite that he’s been in. He stated that he quite enjoys the refreshing gameplay of Realm Royale since it has no strenuous wall-building and the fact that there are different classes makes every player want to try out every class until they find their favorite.

Of course, a lot of his fans didn’t like seeing him play other games besides Fortnite but come on, the man has to take a break from playing just one game. Anyone would get tired at some point and need a breather. Of course, after 4 days and just after the E3 Pro-Am 2018 charity event, he returned to Fortnite but has said that he will return to Realm Royale again soon.

TimTheTatman said the same thing when he had a 5-hour duo with Ninja. He said, “This is like what Radical Heights should have been. I think Realm Royale might have something special.”

Summit1G came from playing a tremendous amount of H1Z1 and had to try Realm Royale on the first day. He too was impressed given that it was just early access. “Is it just me or is this actually better than Fortnite because I am totally digging this, my dude,” said Summit while waiting for his item to be built in The Forge.

Shroud gave the game a try after finishing a 4-hour PUBG session on June 6. He was most impressed by the fact that Hi-Rez will not be implementing microtransactions while it is under Early Access—probably a direct hit to PUBG after the latter began charging players for random lootboxes that include “legendary” outfits such as a bomber jacket or a mask.

Realm Royale has exclusive features such as a class-based system ranging from Warrior to Hunter, a second chance gameplay where the killed player turns into a chicken and has 30 more seconds of chance to live and gets to resurrect with partial health if he manages to survive, and The Forge—a main feature of the game where players can craft their own Tier 3 items and weapons using Shards.