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Realm Royale is Slowly Becoming a Crowd Favorite

Hi-Rez Studios—the team that developed the 3rd person MOBA battle of the gods, Smite, and the unique class-based 1st person shooter, Paladins: Champions of the Realm, have finally released their own rendition of Battle Royale: Realm Royale.

The game was initially announced back in 2016 under the name Paladins Battlegrounds until PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came into existence on March 2017. On the first quarter of 2018, Hi-Rez returned with the game after all the BR hype with a new title called Paladins: Realm Royale. Last April, the game was open through private servers via entering a special code.

The game was initially the same flavor of any BR game except this one includes playing your favorite Champion from Paladins such as Kinessa, Cassie, Viktor, and Fernando. However, because of the wide 4×4 map, certain champions like Pip and Bomb King had issues as they would always just get easily killed from afar by a sniper and flanking champs. Thus, Hi-Rez pulled out the game and had to revitalize it so no one would feel unfair.

As I have mentioned earlier, the game got its alpha servers online early this April. There was little to information about what is going on in the now-called Paladins: Realm Royale. Some YouTubers leaked details about the game such as everyone playing as the generic military dude and the ability to go horseback anytime in the open map. They said it also featured swords as their equivalent to Fortnite’s pickaxe and it had a unique crafting system. But that was it and nothing else. The servers went offline after 2 weeks of testing.

Now here we are with the existence of Realm Royale—removing the Paladins part so that the latter title will still be unique Hi-Rez’ newest battle royale game.

Surprisingly, it did not want to be identical to Paladins anymore—none of the champs, none of the same heroic perks and none of the themes at all.  Seems like Hi-Rez really wants to put this game on the map.

On June 5th, Realm Royale was finally released on Steam as Early Access:

Here is a preview and behind-the-scenes look of how Hi-Rez managed to establish the game:

  • If you’re into battle royale but just want something different, you might really want to try Realm Royale because it is just so unique. Here are some of the details that you might want to take a look:
  • A class system that you can choose from before the game starts: Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Hunter and Mage.
  • Everyone starts off with a knife in hand.
  • No parachutes. You directly dive in to the map. And no, this is not as horrible as it was in Radical Heights.
  • 0 fall damage. As in whatever you do, you’re invulnerable from colliding to the floor from way up high. Sure, it sounds like the immersion of war isn’t there but come on, you can stack up giant wooden forts in an instant in Fortnite.
  • Finding gear depends on your class. Say, for example, you’re a Hunter but you found an Engineer’s gear in a loot, you cannot equip that at all. This leaves everyone prone to more danger if they don’t find the appropriate gear.
  • You don’t like what you got? You can just disintegrate them into shards. I’d say that’s much better than just picking up random stuff and leaving some.
  • These shards are your essential material for crafting healing potions, shields, or custom weapons and armor at the Forge.
  • The Forge—Realm Royale’s main bread and butter as this is the most important place for players to craft their exclusive items. It takes a minute to craft weapons and armor from Rare to Legendary and 30 seconds for Potions.
  • If you feel like you’re just treading on the fields for too long, just press Z and you get a mount in no time. What say you, vehicles?
  • If you get killed, you don’t get killed right away. Instead you become a funny-looking chicken while holding a white flag. When you become this, you can flee from your enemies for 30 seconds. If you manage to survive those 30 seconds, you can resurrect back into the fight with some partial health. No need for teammates to revive you. They just have to watch you cross the road.
  • And finally, the most important of all, no microtransactions. Yes, you read that right, everything here is completely free while on Early Access. Payable cosmetics will only be available upon its full release. For that, I highly respect them.

Hi-Rez may be known to a majority as rip-offs from popular games of specific multiplayer genres however they’re more notable for making these genres to play and perform much better than the competition. If anything, Hi-Rez Studios is an unsung hero of video games.