Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Psyonix Releases the Season 8 Update for Rocket League

Over on Twitter, Psyonix brought out the big guns and finally released a summer-themed update for gaming’s favorite competitive sport, Rocket League. Over on Twitter, they posted the latest release of the game just last May 29, 2018:

The patch is also dubbed as V1.45 Salty Shores Update, and, given by its name, the game will feature a brand new map, a very aesthetic one. Its logo looks straight from the 80s with vibrant colors and retro fonts, accompanied with brand new mixes from Monstercat. Here are the main updates for Season 8 (source: https://www.rocketleague.com/news/patch-notes-v1-45/)


‘Salty Shores’ Arena has been added

Competitive Season 7 ends, and Season 8 begins

Season 7 Rewards: Player Banners and Goal Explosions are being distributed to eligible players

‘Impact’ Crate has been added


  • ‘Salty Shores’ is now available as a new Arena in all Playlists
  • ‘Wasteland’ (Night) is now available in all Playlists

Crates and Keys

  • ‘Impact’ Crate has been added


  • ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3’ is now available to all players under Music Playlists
  • Monstercat Flags have been added
    • ‘Aiobahn’
    • ‘Bad Computer’
    • ‘Dion Timmer’
    • ‘Duumu’
    • ‘Instinct’
    • ‘Inverness’
    • ‘Skyelle’
    • ‘Soupandreas’
    • ‘Stephen Walking’
    • ‘Sundial’

S. Watercolour

  • ‘S. Watercolour’ Customization Items have been added
  • ‘S. Watercolour’ Player Banner
  • ‘S. Watercolour’ Flag


  • ‘Glyphtrix’ (Triton)
  • ‘Min-Spec’ (Masamune)
  • ‘ShapeRacer’ (Paladin)
  • ‘Tiger Tiger’ (Aftershock)


  • ‘Goldfish’
  • ‘Palm Tree’
  • ‘Swim Ring’

Server Reporting

  • You can now select the ‘Report Server’ button in the midgame menu to directly report a problematic game server to us for investigation

Along with these updates come with lots of rewards for everyone who worked their butts off in Competitive Season 7.

Rocket League is a beloved game that has to be one of the most wholesome competitive titles to ever come into the multiplayer scene. While the game’s objective is simple (shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal using your car), the ways to deal with each match requires a heavy amount of skills to master: volleying, jump-boosting, jump-charging, dodging, wall-riding and anticipating the ball at the right time. Ever since its release back in 2015, the game has undergone so many changes and countless add-ons to keep players excited: the introduction of the Arcade game and Basketball being crowd favorites.

Besides gameplay, so much cosmetics have been released for the game, including various decals, adorable and edgy car models and even signature cars from licensed movies such as The Fast & The Furious, Batman v Superman and Back to the Future.

The game is well received from gamers and critics alike, calling it one of the best competitive multiplayer games ever made. While it may not have sold so many copies, it did, however, reach a peak of 40 million active players last January 2018. This includes players of all available platforms from the consoles to the PC.

Rocket League even has a cross-platform feature, ensuring that players all around the world will not have to wait in a very long queue.

If anything, Rocket League has to be one of the most original sports built for video games. Its esports, founded in 2016, is quite honestly one of the most thrilling esports to watch. For real, I haven’t spent my whole hour staring at the screen just watching the game. Usually, when I watch esports whether it’s League, CSGO or EVO, I would just watch one match or at least give myself 20 minutes before I would move on and do something else while my browser keeps on streaming the event. But in the case of Rocket League, it’s just like watching your traditional football or basketball—except this one is a video game and the players are swapped with cars.  (www.twitch.tv/rocketleague)

The game is just truly amazing whether you’re watching or playing since there is literally a hundred and one ways to play the ball. The professional ones, as well as the most experienced rocketeers, can pull off stunts that you never thought would be possible in a physics-based ball game. In one match, you will see, someone going to the ceiling, take off, and hover the ball by its wheels while maintaining altitude with boosters and then alley-oop it to the nearest teammate and strike a goal. Another one instance would be seeing a ball about to go directly into the goal but someone for some reason rode along the wall of the goal post and jump off to block the shot right before it even goes in. You just have to watch it yourself! Esports or not, the veterans are really amazing. It’s like giving Messi or LeBron James their own way of playing a sports game.