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Black Ops 4 vs Twitch Part III: Call of Duty Battle Royale

We’ve seen it time and time again ever since the breakout of the multiplayer survival genre Battle Royale ever since it got mainstream fame thanks to PUBG back in mid-2017 where almost every single Twitch live streamer suddenly played nothing else but PUBG. It was because of the genre that Twitch was housed more by the mainstream-based demographic or “normies” especially after the release of Epic Games’ Fortnite.

Names such as Ninja, Myth and Dr. DisRespect would pop up as top streamers for the genre. Old and tried streamers such as Summit1G, Shroud and Syndicate would also become very relevant again after playing the currently trending genre.

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Cowsep is Having the Time of his Life on the Philippine Servers

The name Cowsep rings a bell to a lot of people in the League of Legends community. He is regarded as one of the original content creators on both Youtube and Twitch to come up with everything League of Legends. His real name is Joseph Osceola Hursey, born on March 16, 1990 in Ohio, USA. However, he is not like most American Twitch streamers, more so when it comes to League of Legends content. You see, Cowsep actually plays in the Korean server ever since he moved to South Korea in 2012. To millions of League of Legends fans, playing in South Korea is like you playing Hotline Miami on Homicide difficulty with dying only less than 5 times. It is the server in which big Korean star team play in such as KSV and the legendary SK Telecom.

And also, unlike other League of Legends players, he is more or less in the sub-niche in the game by playing only one champion. Who, you ask? The swordsman from a mystical land called Ionia, Master Yi. For years, Cowsep has been known as the best Master Yi player in League of Legends in whichever server, be it KR, CN or NA. Fans love him for his positive vibes with a hint of toxicity that does not overwhelm his channel. He is somewhat kind of in the middle, where you have BoxBox and Imaqtpie as the most pleasant League of Legends streamers whilst you got Trick2G and the loudmouthed Tyler1 on the other side. Continue reading “Cowsep is Having the Time of his Life on the Philippine Servers”

Imaqtpie May Have Finally Unlocked the Secret to Ranking 1 in NA

Today on May 18, 2018, Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana has shown his enthusiasm for the next patch on League of Legends—a patch that will give AD Carries the buff they deserve after being such fragile targets to roaming Assassins as well as some perks for the Junglers.

If you look through the patch notes (, Riot has declared several some good changes for the Junglers so they can pressure lanes early in the game with more experience gathered for champions to the point where they can gank and kill at Level 2.

The new item, Stormrazor, is being exploited by Imaqtpie himself, declaring that with that new item, he’s going to “take over NA,” but we know he’s just being sarcastic about it. It may not be the main ADC item but the perks are huge. Continue reading “Imaqtpie May Have Finally Unlocked the Secret to Ranking 1 in NA”

Black Ops 4 vs Twitch Part II: CoD Going Class-Based Shooter

In part 1, we talked about the overview of Call of Duty and its success in the market as well as the game struggling to get to the top spot of most watched games on Twitch. On May 17, 2018, Activision finally announced the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. However, the game is obviously unrelated to the previous Black Ops trilogy, especially after the sudden straying of the 3rd game from the story of the Mason generation of Black Ops 1 and 2. This time around, there will be no story at all—everything will just be about multiplayer and there is a reason why this topic is a quadrilogy: there are so many things to discuss per segment of their multiplayer modes and how this could influence Twitch streamers along with their followers.

If you haven’t watched the multiplayer trailer yet, here is the full video:

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Black Ops 4 vs Twitch Part I: The General Call of Duty Overview

On May 17, 2018, Activision, the publisher of the smash hit action FPS Call of Duty, has finally revealed their 15th CoD for their never-ending annual release: Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Fanboys, as always, are extremely psyched up for the game this October after watching various trailers of different game modes including the not-surprising multiplayer, another set of zombies and an entry that is entirely new to the series—Battle Royale.

Unfortunately, the time-long tradition of over-the-top explosive single-player campaign is suddenly gone from this year’s CoD. To many players, this is a dismay. For about half of the fans of the franchise, they’re alright with it. The mainstream crowd may look up for this year’s release but there is no denying true gamers, Twitch and YouTube content creators that this is just another cash grab tactic by the bigwigs of Activision. Continue reading “Black Ops 4 vs Twitch Part I: The General Call of Duty Overview”

Battle Royale: Its Fate with Twitch & the Gaming Community

Battle Royale, Battle Royale, Battle Royale. It seems like anywhere you play right now in whichever gaming platform; the mainstream audience cannot get enough of the survival shooter hype. We’ve seen so many trends in gaming blowing up faster than Octomom giving birth but not as extensive as this genre. Today we’ll be looking at the battle royale trend that became a phenomenon, starting from its humble roots to its peak this 2018 and analyzing if it will survive for at least the next 5 years in the world of gaming. Continue reading “Battle Royale: Its Fate with Twitch & the Gaming Community”

Radical Heights Dev Team, Bosskey Productions, Shut Down

It was only a matter of time until the gaming community was expecting the downfall of Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski’s game development team, Bosskey Productions, to shut down inevitably after the failed launch of their hero-based arena First-Person Shooter, Lawbreakers, and their recently released Early Access-launched battle royale carbon copy, Radical Heights.

On May 14, 2018, CliffyB made an abrupt announcement on Twitter:

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Fortnite Infinity War: The Aftermath

On May 8 2018, Fortnite tweeted an unexpected announcement:

What a better way to even gather up more people into playing the game than by partnering up with the biggest superhero movie of the year, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Continue reading “Fortnite Infinity War: The Aftermath”