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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Ninja Breaks Records Again With 680,000 Views

It was a day filled with fun, competition and lots of laughter up in Ninja’s channel. You would think it’s the usual shindig but this time around, it was a special day: Tyler Blevins hosted an event called “Ninja Vegas 2018” in the eSports Arena up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Wait, Ninja rented the Esports Arena just for some Fortnite session?” You bet your ass he did. What do you expect from a guy who is the #1 Twitch streamer right now who banks in $500,000 every month plus donations and merchandise profit? The man is a Rockstar in the Twitch platform and in the battle royale game Fortnite all in all. On that same day, he once again broke records for viewership, peaking at 667,000 views—making it the largest audience count for a solo streamer, breaking his previous highest peak of that game night with rap-sensation Drake, which was 630,000.

Ninja Vegas 2018 was nothing but fun-filled fiasco with a great cause. He invited 99 other known skilled Fortnite players to the event such as Myth, Blind and Niibs_ to his event to play up close and personal against the man himself along with the other great competitors. The goal was simple: beat Ninja and the rest of the players and you win $2,500 everytime you score a Victory Royale. If Ninja wins a round, he donates $2,500 to, a charity group which supports people suffering from Alzheimer’s. A very thoughtful event, indeed. The game was also shoutcasted by known Twitch streamers, OpTic CouRage and Dr Lupo—a familiar name in Ninja’s livestreams.

The whole show felt extremely legit and was definitely like an actual Esports competition. The whole event lasted for 5 hours. The game was set in 3 different Heats, each having 3 Games. Everytime someone wins the Game, he wins $2,500: that’s enough to swank up your PC gaming set-up and add more accessories for your Twitch stream dashboard, or maybe simply just spend it for your friends or family.

Ninja Vegas ‘18 was complete with analytics, field reporters, a huge live crowd, a large set-up for competitors and non-stop talking shoutcasters. The stage was relatively small but was enough to fill in the right crowd. And of course, our main guy is playing Fortnite in style, suited up for a great night.

The game started off with a really tense beginning, with everyone’s mind was focused on targeting Ninja. Of course, he wasn’t going to be let off that easily—Tyler does what he does best: being the naturally-skilled Fortnite player that the world knows him for. By the end of Game 1, it was just down between Ninja versus Blind. While Ninja was fully covered with plank walls, with just a slight sidestep, he gets sniped one shot on the head somewhere from the distance by none other than Blind. And just like that, the contender has won $2,500, to which he said he will “spend it on a family dinner.”

The third Game of the first Heat presented itself with a more serious Tyler Blevins. There was a danger-close moment where he almost stepped on a trap, which could have ended him on an earlier rank. With shock, he pressed on to find the other players.

With 48 players to go, Ninja made beautiful far shots with a purple-tier SCAR-H while defending himself over a towering wooden fort. In another close match of another 1 on 1, Ninja was brought down by Saint this time around. His silent Ninja face suddenly turned into a smile and gave his victorious opponent a brotherly hug.

You can find his other plays more on that day on

The game after that, on Heat 2, Game 1, he and ExoticChaotic squared off 1 on 1 but Ninja was the victor, instantly giving away $2,500 to charity over

Heat 3, Game 2, was definitely the best bit and a touching moment as the youngest player in the field, 4DRStorm tagged Ninja to win it all on a Victory Royale and $2,500. Storm is 14 years old, with his parents watching in the crowd, and Ninja himself gave the teenager a huge respect and even a shoutout to his small YouTube channel. After the win, he acquired 2,000 subscribers after just only starting small with 26 subs. See more of his highlights on

In the last game of Heat 3, Ninja was killed off fast in the earlier half of the game, leaving only ExoticChaotic to win the last $2,500. Quite an exhilarating moment for him. See his Twitch channel via