Ninja Christens Fortnite Update
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Ninja Becomes the Angel of Death, Spits Hot Fire with His Own Rap

On April 4, 2018, the global sensation battle royale game, Fortnite, has released new updates for v3.4, on top of their already refreshing patch that included Easter skins and weapons: the vending machines, a First Shot Accuracy system for bullet-type weapons, and the Raven skin set.

On April 5, 2018, Top Twitch star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins gave his audience a good taste of the latest patch. “This outfit is sick, dude” he uttered after purchasing it for 2000 v-bucks. With him is another great Fortnite player, Hysteria, to play duo matches for the whole stream, who also bought the Raven skin set. Now Ninja has a mate to reap the island off of plebs and tryhards.

The Raven set includes the outfit that resembles the plague doctors of the renaissance period minus the mask and an eerie cloak to hide a mysterious face that can only be seen through the shadows, accompanied with villainous glowing eyes. Along with the skin consists of a glider that is half raven bird and a sickle for a pickaxe. Halloween must have come early this year.

As usual, the pair were an unstoppable force, always bringing something new to the viewers: such as that one time in Tilted Towers where he killed an enemy with a bouncing egg grenade as it descends down his target’s makeshift brick stairs whilst Ninja dropped a jump pad on his feet in order to get to the rooftop fast where his enemy’s buddy was camping on, only to be demised by Tyler’s hand cannon, all while Hysteria was watching his back with a sniper rifle just outside the suburban area.

There was another instance where Ninja hopped on Hysteria’s homing missile to rush to their enemy duo’s far location, wherein Ninja dropped down, popping an enemy dead with a headshot while Hysteria’s rocket kept on going straight towards the other player, exploding as it hits the target’s feet, giving our main partners in crime a very fancy victory royale.

Of course, they went out to experiment with the latest vending machines—basically, they serve up different tiers of weapons and utilities based on what resources you have. Not one vending machine is the same as the other; one might tend a Legendary SCAR for 500 wood, while another will ask for 500 stones to get a Legendary Rocket Launcher, or a machine sells an Epic Suppressed Pistol for 400 metal and another vendor will provide a Rare Tactical Shotgun for 300 wood. It really depends on which vending machine you will go to, albeit in Shafty Shafts or at the edge of Loot Lake.

In the case of Ninja, he only bought quite a few from the vending machines as, during the live streams, most of the offers in the vending machines were below par to what he already looted beforehand.

The rest of the live stream was ridiculously funny, and at one moment he actually died and was placed at #9 due to underestimating an opponent by stylishly using the homing missile to hit his target, only to be met with an unfortunate disaster of being flanked from behind with a shotgun. Pretty sure whoever that player became really happy knowing that he killed Ninja, but that celebration was short-lived as Hysteria hit him with a Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle in the head. “AVENGE ME,” cried Tyler.

Hysteria then climbs up a mountain with his own flight of stairs to collapse a tall wooden tower using a rocket launcher and then quickly switched up to his SCAR and mowed them down, leading him to carry on the Victory Royale to himself, making Ninja’s fate be not in vain.

During the time of his character being dead, Ninja decided to become an MC and made lit lyrics for his fans and brilliantly marketed his own products and subscription to Twitch Prime. Honestly, he made a very catchy tune with fire beats.

Coming up short from that match, Ninja became more serious this time, saying, “No fancy kills for this game,” even though Hysteria said that won’t last long. Alas, he was right; it’s as if Ninja’s creative skills are second nature to him. In that match, being a player with an intimidating grim reaper-like outfit, suited with ironic angel wings, he and his compadre began hunting down all that is in their way. It’s like everyone in that match got the message from him and have decided to just stay indoors, not with their own forts. One did try, but was short-lived, as Ninja said, “You can run but you can’t hide bitch! Scary Terry!” It’s like he began to be exactly like the Raven character.

Another duo met their demise from Ninja’s single bullet. Yes, two birds with one stone indeed. Ninja would go on to win 6 more games until the end of his live stream session.

Now there is one more reason to be scared facing Ninja in a match; knowing that he is the angel of death on the island.