Nightblue3's Great Return
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Nightblue3 Snubs “Retirement”, Returns to League of Legends

On March 20th of 2018, Rabia “Nightblue3” Yazbek tweeted his retirement from playing League of Legends saying:

This left fans with lots of questions and concerns towards his sudden tweet. Some even felt like this was uncalled for whilst others supported his decision. Almost a month later, after daily live streams of Fortnite, a game in which he and majority of live streamers play nowadays, on April 7, 2018, he finally returned to his roots on Summoner’s Rift. This left a lot of his long-time fans enthusiastic for his latest live stream and most of them missed his old League sessions.

So what did bring back the young live streamer to play League again? According to him, “Fortnite has been glitchy lately and it’s just frustrating.”

Many of the audience were skeptical about this explanation, but nonetheless, they were excited about what he will bring back into the game. To him, he felt like he needed to warm up because it felt like being away from the game for almost the whole season.  He planned on making a 4-hour session of League until he goes back to Challenger after being demoted to Master for the absence of playing on Ranked.

Starting off the live stream was him using an alt account and made a custom game with a few known strangers, with him playing the recently released Irelia, now in reworked form. He only skimmed through her champion spotlight and felt like he doesn’t need any more help than that.

A boring start for the live stream since 2 of his opponents was AFK midway and just FF’d at 15 minutes. At least he was ready to use Irelia properly and move on.

He went back into Ranked Mode under his main account and proceeded to go Irelia Jungle, just like his previous game with his alt. “All I need is 2 wins and I’m back to Challenger kappa,” he said. His first game was proven that he still got it as a League player, although, “I feel like I’m getting sloppy,” he said, which a lot of viewers agree since he hasn’t been showing his confident side just as he was before he migrated to Fortnite last March. “It was the early Oracle, man. That shit helped at Level 1.” To those who haven’t realized yet, the Oracle Lens is already available at the beginning of the game rather than the usual midgame Level 9.

2nd Ranked for the win and back to Challenger, he selected a favorite of his: Shaco. It was a great start, having 2 gank kills at an early 04:00 mark as if the game was bound to be a win for him as time went by, even to the point of stealing his neighbor’s Gromp. Unfortunately, he was slowly descending into bad team plays as mid game started from 15:00—enemies were seen split pushing whilst his fellow carries can’t… well, carry. “My god, this team has no damage!” he frustratingly said as another tower went down in their base. But despite the losing game, the live stream displayed a rather more relaxed NB3 than what most viewers see of him during his regular League uploads.

At this point, he knew that the game was a no-no for a win, so he decided to impress the audience by juking his enemies using Shaco’s ultimate and just leave them confused. Unfortunately for our live streamer, the whole map was heavily warded by his enemies’ Support.

To top off his lowkey tilt, his juking skills were compromised by his enemies’ vision against him. Just check out his hilarious last moment before he quit the match just before the defeat screen:

Immediately after the loss, he goes back to Ranked but as Warwick this time, again in the Jungle. This one, however, was already rough from the start. During the match, when someone asked why NB3 looked and sounded more serious on that stream, he claimed he was sick. To the sarcastic audience, “Too much Fortnite bro kappa,” and “Boosted animal.”

A second loss this time, knowing that the next will be a grim tale of not getting back to Challenger. “But hey, I’m okay with that,” he said.

Last game of the hour, he picked Nidalee Jungle. At this moment, he began advertising about his Twitch Prime subscription, giving away free Fortnite skins for every subscriber. He then proceeds to roast Riot Games about it, contrary to what he said earlier in the stream that he loves Riot Games and will no longer flame them. Here is the footage of his commentary:

And just like that, he lost another game, despite a good start. He ends the League session and moves forward with a horror game called Welcome to the Game II.

It was fun seeing him play League again. For most of his fans, they rejoice in his return, hoping that he’ll make more League vids even if it’s not always the main game for his live stream. Will he be showing more off-meta presentations again next time as he always has or will he stop again and return to Fortnite? It is for him to know and for us to find out.