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LoL Patch 8.11 Jumbles the Meta Switching Certain Champions to Different Roles

My friend Louis called me up during the weekend to tell me about how League has some really weird changes when he got to play that morning. “Dude, ADC Yasuo.” I was like what the heck? I wasn’t aware of the situation until I saw the patch notes as well as statistic boards of the League of Legends.

Riot Games have either messed up the game even further or made it even more fun. Patch 8.11 has to be one of the biggest changes in both the items and the champions themselves, flipping the League table upside to having champions earn higher win rates in unlikely roles.

Oh and also Pyke. Pyke’s cool. Ridiculous “Support” champ that players prefer him on Top or Jungle.

If you check out, you’ll get to see some unusual stuff: Taliyah Jungle with more than 53% winrate, Singed Jungle, Yasuo ADC, Irelia Mid and Mages going bot lane. Oh and…Mordekaiser being the #1 ADC with a 54% winrate? Yes, it all sounds weird but it does feel like a hilarious yet refreshing experience in the game.

Even Sneaky ( saw the exploit in these new makeover.

So what brought in the changes? Two words: Crit Nerf.

Riot’s biggest overhaul into this madness was softening up the overall Critical Hits and Critical Chances for all ADC champions and making them more vulnerable than ever before—much more precious than the start of Season 7. This pretty much made the purpose of being an ADC be rendered useless since they had to rely on crits too for the late game carry.

ADCs can usually dominate the whole game if fed early or mid game. But even if they get fed, a wandering Top laner would just annihilate the marksman with a dash and a one-two punch. All they can do now is hold off until late game. Except if you’re Graves, Quinn or Kai’Sa. You’re still in the safe zone.

Here’s what Riot’s introduction wrote:

“8.11 brings a bunch of changes to marksman items and runes, as well as base stat shifts across the roster. We’re opening the door for non-crit builds to shine by adding or reworking new tools for spellslingers and lane bullies alike, and by reining in lane sustain to make early aggression a more effective path to victory. Many of these options should be pretty appealing to AD fighters and assassins as well, so make sure to check the changes out regardless of your lane preference.

We’ve also got some follow-up tuning to last patch’s work on the jungle. We’re seeing teams adjust to Rift Scuttler as a contestable objective in the early game, with laners becoming more willing to help their jungler secure the crab. We’re slightly lengthening its respawn time so these river fights are a little less frequent, making the regular camps a little bit more rewarding to avoid pushing junglers back in experience across the board. A few of the stand-out scuttle slayers are also taking a few hits so other junglers can compete.”

Junglers also have a brand new way to deal with their objectives by prioritizing the roaming crab in the two rivers and hopefully getting that help from the laner. And yes, it gives off a large return of health and mana to the jungler that captured it.

This also means that Jungle champs will be struggling in the camps more as there is more damage brought in by the monsters and cannot complete the whole red and blue camps unless the crab is taken or if the champion has a sustaining spell.

Now let’s move on with the 2 other biggest changes: the AD items and the Runes.

Something good for AD assassins and fighters, something bad for AD ranged carries.

A sweet new item called Stormrazor is going to be favored by so much assassins looking to gank squishies. Ironically, this was supposed to be for ADCs but we all know how the Korean server is going to change that Here is the description for the item:

“Marksman itemization is pretty focus on marksmen who want to stand still and basic attack. With Stormrazor, we’re introducing an item for marksmen with longer pauses between attacks, whether they’re kiting or just have long attack cooldowns (looking at you, Jhin).

TOTAL COST 3200 gold

BUILD PATH B.F. Sword + Pickaxe + Dagger + 725 gold



UNIQUE PASSIVE Storm’s Edge: If you haven’t attacked in the last 3 seconds (scaling down with attack speed), your next basic attack will critically strike for 160% damage (+1% per 1.5% critical strike chance, max 200%) and grant 10% movement speed for 1.75 seconds”

Roamers rejoice, squishies beware: That’s my summary for this item.

And for everything else that is vital for the ADC, well, they’re all much more expensive with so little value.

Sometimes I wonder if Riot is doing this on purpose so UZI doesn’t win Worlds 2018. Hmmmm…

Now that we have Jungler Taliyah and ADC Mordekaiser, what’s next? Midlane Leona and Toplane Braum?