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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Logan Paul Gets a Taste of the Twitch Community’s Wrath

“HEY WHAT’S UP LOGANG?!” shouted the man himself who hosted a Twitch channel named LoganPaulWasTaken. On April 8, 2018, the controversial Logan Paul live streamed the second time around after the week before it. The enthusiastic 23-year old could not wait for a session of gaming’s biggest active community, Fortnite.

Fortnite has been on the hot topic for video gaming since its emergence back in the late 3rd quarter of 2017 and is yet to be toppled even to this day. It seems like everyone was just really on it, that even the “normies” of society would even play it just because it is a trend—remember how fidget spinners were such a huge trend back in around April to May of 2017? Well, Fortnite is sort of becoming like that, but not really in a bad way; it’s just that it’s so trendy right now that it even attracts non-gamers like Drake, some Instagram entertainers and even the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan. There hasn’t been this much hype for a multiplayer game since the release of Overwatch back in May 2016.

Alas, with the news of Logan Paul recording live in Twitch that day, almost every long-time member of the website flocked in his channel to boo the guy—spamming of dick emotes, telling him to “kys”, mocking him to leave Twitch alone and wanting to kick him out of the monster website.

“We got spammed so fast,” said one of his producers.

Not expecting such flame in the comments section, Logan’s filter team sorted out the trolls and toxic members, wanting to promote a “positive experience and I want us to have fun.”

“I encourage a healthy chat,” he stated.

And now, at this point, it was just a huge ensemble of obviously childish audiences, spamming emotes in the most incorrect way like using Kappa unironically, using lots of Kreygasm since it looked funny or forsenE just because it was cool and using that felt like being one of those cool kids in Twitch. It’s obvious that the comment section was just full of his fans from his social media sites and YouTube.

Oh and, let’s not forget about “buy my merch at” which he keeps on telling the crowd every few minutes.

So now the question is, was he good in the game? Not really. Compared to others like Ninja or Myth, of course, Logan Paul got nothing, quite frankly. He’s just more into entertaining his demographic really, rather than showing off his potential gaming skills… which a lot of Twitch viewers may deem as zero. Was he close to one of the fewest survivors? Not even. He was mostly just being himself, talking with the audience, talking with his “mavericks” and that was it. Nothing special, in all honesty. Did I mention he kept on saying “buy my merch at”? Yeah sorry, it’s just that he really hard-sells his stuff.

The presence of both Jake and Logan Paul on Twitch has stirred up a lot of controversies, with the majority of the crowd saying they do not belong on Twitch.

You see, Twitch has its own kind of society, that it even excludes itself from major social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Twitch is, as a lot would consider, a “dank” community filled with memes, sarcasm and a whole lot of satire. The problem with the demographic of “normie” entertainers like the Paul brothers, Instagram “comedians” and personalities that are considered to be SJWs like Anita Sarkeesian are generally the ones with an extremely light sense of humor as well as little knowledge to satire.

I don’t mean to be too critical about the people who praise them, but I am just speaking on behalf of the general Twitch community. Of course, it’s fine to have more people come in the platform, but it is the reputation that these big names bring with them to Twitch that really raises up the eyebrows of so many dedicated members—the controversies, the notoriety and the unwelcoming fact that their influenced followers have even dwelled into a society that Twitch members would consider as unacceptable. Could you imagine if an iconic GamerGate person suddenly joined in on the Fortnite bandwagon? It’s not going to look great, wouldn’t it? Maybe Lele Pons brings in her own way of humor into Twitch? Yeah, pretty sure the members aren’t going to like that.

Unless Logan Paul and his brother know the way of the Twitch community as well as having the ability to understand what it is like being in its group, then there could be a chance that the members can accept them. Because of their constant antics, the majority demographic of teenagers and young adults who do not consider themselves as “normies” cannot tolerate their presence into which they call home.

Personally, if they love video games as much as the rest of the Twitch players and audiences, and not because of a game that is immensely popular right now, they could have a chance of having a much-tolerating community.

As of this writing, LoganPaulWasTaken has already 673,051 followers and channel views of 1,982,687, according to SocialBlade. He currently resides at the 104th spot in the Followers rank and will definitely rise in the charts if he keeps this up.