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League of Legends MSI 2018 Day 1 Recap

Just like that, a day has passed by and it looks like the people’s predictions over on Twitter were right. The first day of the Mid-Season Invitationals was actually a very eye-opening act from thrilling team fights to a ridiculous team pick layout designed by Riot themselves that was so complicated to look at, it didn’t show up anymore after the first couple of games. Analysts, former pros as well as the r/leagueoflegends subreddit expect this year’s MSI to be the most exciting mid-season game yet compared to the past years.

Let’s go over the matches that happened on May 3:

This year’s MSI is filled with new contenders as well as some old rivalries. But before we get on with the big names such as SKT, TL or FNC, let’s hover over the fresh faces and the potential candidates of the first group bout.

Gambit Esports (GMC) showed promise, telling the world that they mean business in the world of pro League. GMC had a tough time facing Latin America South’s most powerful team, Kaos Latin Gamers (KLC), as well as Thailand’s very own Ascension Gaming (AG) but emerged as the victorious among them, earning a 3-0 stat.

Rainbow7 (R7), formerly known as Lyon Gaming, and the representative of Latin America North, has also shown a huge promise on Day 1. They earned their W’s against KLG and AG too. On Day 2, they will go face to face with GMC, a match that will definitely test their wits against each other, with the best squaring off with the best.

EDIT: GMC got the win versus R7, May 4.

After a rough start, maybe KLG and AG will make it up on May 5, having rematches again R7 and GMC, as well as KLG and AG themselves. KLG currently has a 1-3 run while AG is at 0-3. Here’s to hoping they’ll make a comeback.

Over on the Twitter side, it was no surprise to see the tally being more on #GMCwin and #R7win since they have been well-known in the eSports scene for quite a while now.

Here’s a brief background check of the current teams:

  • Kaos Latin Gamers (KLG) – KLG is one of the biggest esports teams in Latin America South, branching out to even other leagues such as CSGO and DotA 2. They are also one of the most popular teams in the Latin American region, with players such as Plugo and Fix being one of the main stars of the team. KLG’s last most notable appearance was at Worlds 2017 in China but was eliminated fast during the first week of the event.
  • Gambit Esports.CIS (GMC)—GMC has been around the League esports scene for a very long time now as long as more than 5 years ago. They have become one of EU’s most successful esports teams with such wins including Intel Extreme Masters awards and shown up in the Worlds Championship playoffs back in 2015.
  • Rainbow7 (R7)—R7 is the team that represents Latin America North proudly. They were formerly known as Lyon Gaming; the team that almost got to Worlds 2017 Group Stage if they haven’t lost during the Best of 5 qualifying rounds. They are also the only successful champion of the Northern Latin American region, keeping 10 championships within their grasp.
  • Ascension Gaming (AG)—Perhaps the only team to qualify from South East Asia, Thailand’s very own AG is sought out by many to be this year’s underdogs at MSI. 2 players make a comeback in this team: G4 and Lloyd. G4, if you haven’t remembered, is the midlaner that Faker and he shocked the world during Worlds 2015 in Europe with the most unusual of midlane champs: Faker picking Olaf and G4 countering with Irelia. Back when G4 was a member of the Bangkok Titans, he definitely proved his spot in the world of professional League players. He is regarded as the best midlaner of South East Asia. Another player to look out for is Lloyd: the former Made in Thailand (MiTH) pro who has transferred his loyalty to Ascension Gaming as, of course, the star ADC.

Now let’s talk about Riot Games’ new champ select layout—it’s just horrible. Honestly, it is. Just look at the reactions over at the subreddit

The layout was shown on the first two games on KLG vs AG and KLG vs R7. Fortunately, Riot’s eyes and ears were fast to realize that fans were displeased. Want to see what it looks like? Here:

Courtesy of u/HorobiRus


And this is the old version:

See? They were trying to focus more on the players’ reactions rather than the actual picks. Unfortunately, people just prefer the other way. In fact, this is the phase where a lot of the viewers look forward to. Fortunately, they brought back the old layout after hearing the whines of the people.

As we move on, here are the contenders for the 2nd day of MSI:

  • KABUM Esports vs Rampage
  • SuperMassive vs Dire Wolves
  • Rampage vs SuperMassive
  • KABUM Esports vs Dire Wolves
  • Rainbow7 vs Gambit Esports