#1 Revealed
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Imaqtpie May Have Finally Unlocked the Secret to Ranking 1 in NA

Today on May 18, 2018, Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana has shown his enthusiasm for the next patch on League of Legends—a patch that will give AD Carries the buff they deserve after being such fragile targets to roaming Assassins as well as some perks for the Junglers.

If you look through the patch notes (https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-810-notes), Riot has declared several some good changes for the Junglers so they can pressure lanes early in the game with more experience gathered for champions to the point where they can gank and kill at Level 2.

The new item, Stormrazor, is being exploited by Imaqtpie himself, declaring that with that new item, he’s going to “take over NA,” but we know he’s just being sarcastic about it. It may not be the main ADC item but the perks are huge.

This is what the item is described as:

  • Recipe: [B.F. Sword + Pickaxe + Dagger + 925 gold]
  • Total Cost: 3400g
    • +65 Attack Damage
    • +25% Attack Speed
    • UNIQUE Passive: If you haven’t attacked in the last 2.5 seconds, your next basic attack will critically strike.
    • UNIQUE Passive: When you critically strike, gain 25% attack speed and 8% movement speed for 1.5 seconds.

The passive alone is so destructive, nobody would ever want to use any tank or mage Jungler anymore. In all honestly, League of Legends is all about the AD nowadays, trying to balance the game in favor of the pro players as well as for high-elo summoners.

Alas, with the usage of Stormrazor, risky ADC champions like Kai’Sa, Vayne and Tristana are going to have a heck of a good time against one-shot assassins as well as enemy ranged carries. Of course, this is going to get nerfed really soon once Riot realizes the overpowering destruction of one item. It’s the Ardent Censer for AD-based champions.

Imaqtpie is one of the most consistent League of Legends live streamers to date, especially with just playing one role. Usually, LoL live streamers would feel the redundancy  of the roles they are best at or they are known for, such as former Pro League player for TSM, Dyrus, being a Top Lane powerhouse, who switches roles from time to time, Nightblue3 for constantly playing the game, but has transitioned to Fortnite, or Vertigal for his monstrous shot-calls in Mid Lane as the seductive Ahri, but suddenly took a step back from the game to focus on Rainbow Six Siege.

Consistency is something lacking with League-based Twitch streamers nowadays, especially with the pressure coming off from today’s “IT” category of multiplayer – battle royale. But in the case of Imaqtpie, it’s nothing. Five-plus years of streaming at bottom lane and he is still at it. Quite odd, if you look at it – it’s as if you’re watching a television show with the same plot and a usual setting over and over again like lowkey rehashed episodes. And yet, in the case of our main man Michael, it’s really just quite alluring to watch him do the things over and over again;

Go bottom lane, stack up on creeps, buy damage items, take at least 100 cs before 10 minutes, go back to lane until bottom is pushed and then move on to Dragon to assist the Jungler, and later while pushing forward later onto mid lane to either defend or go all in offensively, go back to lane after taking mid tower, buy items once again, get the full build, kill some more creeps, and/or take red buff plus jungle monsters, get into clash, get some kills—more likely to get at least a Double Kill with a probability of a Pentakill at mid to late game, build the rest of the items, get another Dragon, proceed or not proceed with team to take Baron, push back the lanes, clear creep waves, get involved in another clash and win the game.

The same old thing for years of live streaming. Sounds redundant? Indeed, it is; however, viewers love watching because of… well, how relaxed he is. He isn’t some savage flaming prick nor a toxic one at all in this game. At some days, several LoL streamers snap and just bicker at his/her team, followed by non-stop cussing. But in the case of Imaqtpie, it’s never that way—no dull moment, no intense one neither. It’s just Michael being himself; the naturally humorous player who just smiles and laughs at whatever happens in the game.

Even if the 26-year old is known to be an ADC player, he is also known for his mischievous Heimerdinger plays. Take note that he started as a Mid Lane main first before moving on to ADC, hence why he termed the “Donger” term, in reference to the Yordle scientist.

If you just want to chill with a streamer that resembles everything “bro”, someone who sees League as a pastime rather than a heated competition with no actual gain than just a Victory banner and increase in statistics, look no further than Mr. Cool dude, Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana (www.twitch.tv/imaqtpie).