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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Imaqtpie Defeats Nightblue3 for “Best Jungler in the Game”

I never thought I would wake up to watch a stream from Nightblue3 playing League…again. Yes, I guess we can say that NB3 is officially back on playing League of Legends despite the last “comeback” last April 6, 2018, saying, “I’m just playing this again because Fortnite has been glitchy and it’s frustrating,” after the said explanation, guess who’s back jungling again kappa.

To my surprise, as I saw who he was fighting against, my oh my, it’s Imaqtpie! Yes, Imaqtpie actually played a different role for once after being ADC for God knows how long. I only got to watch the match at the 01-minute mark, so I really don’t know the premise as to why QT decided to go Jungler; maybe NB3 invited him? A custom game? Or maybe just a coincidence? I would never know unless you saw this live stream from beginning to end, but what I do know is that it was definitely a fun match to bear witness. I would replay it to see what happened, but it seems like Nightblue never uploaded it, and I think I know the reason why. Keep on reading to see how it went down between the two live stream giants.

Nightblue3 picked Warwick with the latest Lunar Revel skin; Imaqtpie, on the other hand, went with Kayn for Jungle. At the first broadcast, I was only watching NB3 doing his stuff until the comments went wild with words such as “QTPIE LMAO” and “QT BEST JUNGLER??”

Alas, I switched to QTP’s channel to see what’s up. Well would you look at that, it WAS a duel for both Junglers! “If anything, Nightblue3 is better at Jungler,” said our long-haired chill dude while farming golems.

Switching back to NB3, it was no surprise to see him gank on Bottom fast, eating away QTP’s ADC teammate for First Blood, and then back to his jungle. Going up to Mid, he was greeted fast by QT himself along with 2 other enemies and just like that, his Warwick was reaped. You might say he’s not doing well in the game because he’s sick, or even stoned at some point since he made a funny comment on red buff after wanting to steal it from the blue camp saying, “Wait, why is there red buff at 06:45?” Jokes aside, buffs have always been at spawn every 4 minutes just before the 02:00 mark in-game after the creature has been killed.

Not so long after QT slain him, up comes NB3’s allied Zoe ready to take on Kayn, to the point where they played juke under QT’s tower, but unfortunately, he dies to the little magical girl with enough health to get out of the turret.

Shortly after both of our main stars respawned, they would both come back to bottom lane to help out both ADCs, Supports, and Mages that are all in a pickle of a fight, that even both Top laners teleported there. Fresh from getting killed by Imaqtpie, Nightblue3 launches his ult towards him and bursts out his health along with a Tiamat, knowing that QT’s ult is on cooldown. NB3 finally gets a kill over QT, but it won’t be long until consecutive Crowd Controls would engulf NB with a knock-up and a stun at the same time.

Right after the 19:00 mark, everyone was near Baron to place up Wards and secure the nearest blue buff. NB3’s allied Blitzcrank pulled out the blue buff in which QT was farming but was still taken by Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana with Kayn’s portal. As a consequence of his attempted steal on blue, Rabia “Nightblue3” Yazbek and his team were annihilated on the next clash that would come after. Following up the Ace on the Red Team, Michael and the Blue Team would then take Baron and leave more of NB3’s base crumbling from the minion waves.

At this point with Kayn having a Black Cleaver and a Ninja Tabi, QTPie went on to carry his team by assassinating the squishies as well as compensating for his allied Draven’s minimal damage. Dragon was up, and Nightblue3 was now even more pumped up to kick Imaqtpie’s ass for making fun of his own Jungling skills, but that realization was faded away due to him being the damage dealer and his allied Ezreal being as useless as the current meta for the Champion. NB3’s Warwick was split in half by QT’s Kayn ult, along with the end of his own team. And just like that, Blue Team took Dragon, pushed mid and ended the game fast.

“GGEZ,” said Imaqtpie.

“This is like, what happens if you say you quit League but you’re back at playing League,” he jokingly said as he saw the Victory screen pop-up.

And just like that, Nightblue3’s supposed 4-hour LoL stream has abruptly ended. At this point, we definitely know why.

But hey, at least Imaqtpie said Nightblue3 did a pretty good job in that game, whether he meant it sarcastically or not. :-/