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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Have Twitch Fans Become Better or Worse?

Ever since 2011, live streaming was never the same again as well as gamers. The world was not prepared for what live streaming will become over the next 7 years as technology evolved as well as connections between society. Twitch has, if I’m not mistaken, evolved video streaming as well as evolving gamers from basement-dwelling losers into highly-respected individuals that make more money than those whose who work in soul-sucking corporate businesses doing tedious paperwork from 9 to 5. Twitch has definitely taken the world by storm and has undoubtedly made gamers light up in a society that deems such community as scoundrels and exiles.

Non-gamers have always said that video games are nothing—that it is just something that occupies us from doing what they want us to do such as working in a corporate job like a slave or try to be like any person looking to be one with society. At some point, gamers have always been an outcast from society—mainly because video games, even though it has reached the mainstream, is still new to the culture. Remember when television was new and used to be bashed out from other forms of media back then such as books and sports? Well, look at how embraced it is now to modern society. Video games are still at that point of acceptance from the major population. There will be a time when gaming will no longer be seen as how non-gamers see it today.

And within the social outcasts of video gaming comes two places where those who are passionate about video games go to — YouTube and Twitch.

During the 3 years of independence from 2011 to 2014, Twitch was a paradise for those who thought they do not fit with mainstream society. Those whose humor was not dense and were into strong satire and dark sarcasm. Those that find memes funny but not the mainstream ones like rage comics, Minions and a thousand and one Bad Luck Brian captioned images. Those were the days when live streamers went all out and blurted all the shit they wanted to say whether it was offensive or not. It was free tv. It was unfiltered fun along with having to watch someone play video games. That was the nitty-gritty Twitch.

Those that thought they never belonged to the normal society have built a community of their own—one which they themselves can relate to where no one else from the “normie” society can ever understand.

Even the likes of Facebook and Twitter were no match for the savagery of the Twitch community.

It was a gathering of everything no-holds-barred fun and the same experience anyone ever has when going to someone’s house just to see them play video games while you two talk to each other. Twitch had first-hand engagement and uncut discussion, unlike YouTube videos. Streamers get to talk to their fans directly through chat and even in the game itself.

It did change, however, when the website became a monetary commodity. Playing video games, talk to your fans and get paid for it? That’s any gamer’s dream. Receiving donations randomly every few minutes is something gamers want. And just like that, everyone else wanted a piece of the pie, including self-proclaimed “gamers.”

When Twitch became a property of Amazon Prime back in 2014 for an astounding $970M, things turned around for both better and for worse.

This was when females wearing scantily clad outfits while “playing” video games became a thing and it raked them easy money from preying on horny pre-teens using their parents’ credit cards. Yes, it’s sad but it was effective.

Suddenly Twitch became divided: between those that stay in the site to engage with the proper live streaming gamers and those that just want to see some thot’s large cleavage while intentionally bouncing on the couch during intense fights because boobies get monies.

Yet it didn’t stop there: Ever since the inclusion of the IRL section in the Twitch categories, these certain female “gamers” just stopped playing altogether and all they had to do is just wear something sexy, talk to the chat and get money. A cheap way to earn income, yes, but you can’t blame the audience for being manipulated by such charms. On one part, Twitch is purely for gamers while on the other hand, you have thirsty boys jacking off to cleavages when they could just go to a porno live stream.

I feel bad for some female streamers who live stream properly by just having fun and playing games without forcing herself to be sexy because even they get generalized by the public due to particular attention whores.

But on the other hand, Twitch exposed gamers as part of society. Sure, Twitch is mainstream now and not purely a live stream gaming website but if it wasn’t for Twitch, esports would not be so popular, gamers cannot be shown respect by the media and our favorite live streamers wouldn’t be living their dream if it wasn’t for the audience that kept growing every single day.