Frostpunk Anyone?
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Frostpunk Trends in the Top Games Isle – Black Burke At Play

Ever heard of Frostpunk? No? Well if you’re into city-building and intrigued by dark stories as well as games that force you to do inhumane things, this is the game that is definitely for you. Frostpunk is set in a post-apocalyptic Victoria Era of the 1800s where the whole planet is consumed by winter. You are the leader of the very last city on Earth and you must do whatever it takes for your people as well as your own city to survive; and by “whatever it takes”, I do mean whatever, to the point where you have to do unspeakable things—people are getting cold and the dead start racking up.

Why not use the corpses as a source of fire for the furnace? Lack of workers to maintain the heat generator? Use the children to do forced labor. It’s either them or the city will crumble. It’s your call. But that call will either mean the death of a hundred to save thousands or become so selfless, that it will cause the destruction of the city.

The game was made by 11 Bit Studios—a remarkable game development team who was also behind the spine-tingling anti-war game, This War of Mine. The game has been praised for its unique approach to city-building and FOREX simulation as well as having an astounding game presentation from the graphics, the themes, the artwork and the music. It’s like a big boy’s version of SimCity or even Farmville, with a difficulty setting that a lot of players have claimed has been one of the most challenging simulator games to ever exist.

Metacritic scored it a great 87/100, IGN gave it a 9/10 and the Steam reviews have been giving overwhelmingly positive comments about Frostpunk.

The game has also won multiple awards by critics already, including Best Indie Game, Best City Simulator Game and Original Concept.

11 Bit Studios have cited that there will be DLCs to be released later on but are guaranteed to have the consumer’s money’s worth for their huge content.

The game is available on Steam right now for just less than $15.

Frostpunk has been seen today on the Top Games chart in Twitch, just trailing behind World of Warcraft and DotA 2, while slightly ahead of God of War and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Further into viewing who’s who that was playing Frostpunk was Twitch’s very own entertaining pirate, Burke Black

Burke Black was streaming for 5,000 viewers which is considered a lot, especially in the morning in America. It was fun to see him play such a game with brutal consequences and tasks that require him to do inhumane actions. It really reflects on him as a pirate.

I was a bit late to the party to see how he built his empire, however, I was just in time to see what the rest of the game will happen after he has expanded his city and everything was in order, from the temperatures, to the maintenance and to the morality of citizens.

As always, Burke was very confident in his gameplay, as he has been in other video games. This time around, he showed his audience how he, the pirate of Twitch, is a granddaddy of his own city, commanding child labor and not caring for the world about mothers who have sick children and men who were hungry.

He called out to his followers, saying that they should follow “the path of Burke” and he “will bring salvation to you.” With the right amount of heat for his people and to get his industries up and running, he stood up from his seat, and gave a prayer to the “heat gods”, muttering such words, “Mechaleka high mecha, mechaleka hiney ho” over and over again, as his city kept on progressing.

He claimed his city of Burke to be “glorious” as his people are very loyal to him as well as his decisions were thought to be right. The city was very stable during the time I was watching. With high hopes of him having to get the good ending, he was just standing there, anticipating a victory along with his audience.

Yet, despite all the progression he has done and all the confidence he had to give, the main heat generator crumbled, leaving him with a big shock and made him contemplate about where he went wrong.

According to the viewers, you can only fix the generator only once. In his case, he already used up his maintenance just earlier in the game for a slight improvement in the heat. What he didn’t know was that it would come with a big consequence in the end if the management was not used at the right moment.

In the end, his city crumbled slowly as he was helpless seeing that his generator has exploded, leaving his people to die one by one in the cold.

An entertaining stream, honestly. Here are some of the highlights during the session: