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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Fortnite Infinity War: The Aftermath

On May 8 2018, Fortnite tweeted an unexpected announcement:

What a better way to even gather up more people into playing the game than by partnering up with the biggest superhero movie of the year, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

The movie was an instant success when it came out in theaters back in April 25, 2018 and ever since then, fans could not get enough of the movie, especially with the Avenger’s main antagonist, Thanos. With the craze over Thanos, Epic Games did something that would make the meta as heck as well as cash in on more players—adding the big bad Titan to the realm of Fortnite. It may not make sense much but the game was tons of fun when he was added. Unfortunately, the Thanos add-on was just a limited time until it closed down on May 15, 2018 after the Avengers hype died down.

If you weren’t aware of the event, here’s how it boiled down:

While everyone is getting off the bus, a random meteor would appear from the sky and land somewhere in the map. That meteor would happen to be Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, the main weapon in the movie, to crash on land. A player who was lucky enough to reach it first transforms and turns into the epic antagonist himself/herself.

Once you become Thanos, you’re almost invincible to any type of firepower. Yes, you still take damage but if you manage to kill anyone, both your health and shield come back to 100 in a jiffy. You even get to use each power stone (the gems that grant the buffs to the Infinity Gauntlet) to wipe out any target, from the height-defying leap of the Gravity Stone to the one-punch power of the Power Stone. It was a marvel to behold, if I do say so myself. If someone happened to kill you as Thanos, the gauntlet drops and someone else can become him, given that the player reaches the glove first.

At the time during the event, the game reached an all-time high with over 5 million players on a daily basis, starting from its release and depressed down to 4 million in the last day. The gameplay obviously changed ever since the villain came into the map and people either love him to death (literally) or hate him for being overpowered—hey, it’s a given since he’s a supervillain, right? This meant crazy gunplay for everyone and for the Twitch streamers, viewers can’t get enough of the fun.

The streams alone help rack up the influence of the game towards the audience, making them crave for the possession over Thanos, which was also one of the biggest reasons why the game peaked at such large numbers. Nobody has gone through that ever since and if given the chances, Fortnite could have defeated Riot Games’ very own League of Legends, which peaked at more than 10 million unique players on a daily basis.

Ninja, Myth, Dakotaz and even PUBG influencers Dr DisRespect and Shroud came to the table to get that villainous taste of wiping out every other player in the field with superpowers. This leads to some very interesting gameplay from each streamer, inspiring a lot of players to do the same thing. Here are some examples from Ninja:

2 days in after the end of the Infinity War event and fans already miss it a lot. Despite the conclusion to one of gaming’s biggest collaborations just for a timed event in a multiplayer, Epic Games have promised to deliver the same experience soon just like Infinity War. Maybe someday we’ll see Deadpool in the field too, yeah?

Epic Games released the 4th season of the worldwide battle royale multiplayer smash hit and it has a lot of stuff for the fans. The latest Battle Pass will include new items, new dances, new menu, new skins, new areas to explore and new elevations in the map tailored to change the way players have gone through for the past 3 seasons. And yes, finally, the meteor has landed and left a large crater by the middle of the map. Sorry folks, Tilted Towers isn’t going anywhere… at least for now. Oh and, not to mention, you can finally spray on walls now.

Season 4 is currently favored as the best season according to players due to some really good-designed skins like Omega and Zoey as well as incoming weapons such as the burst-rifle and semi-auto sniper rifle. It is also the season of the Infinity War event, which we mentioned previously, and even introduced some meme-favorite dances that became unironically added such as Orange Justice—a dance based on the kid that joined the #BoogiedownChallenge and Groove Jam—a Napoleon Dynamite dance reference.