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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

E3 Day 2 – Sony Wows the Audience with Amazing New Games

Just like that, with a handful of high profile games, Sony clearly has won E3…so far. Although I have to admit it seems like Sony had a tough competition versus Microsoft since the latter has brought justice for their poor presentation last year. But on the second day of E3, PlayStation fans along with Ubisoft loyalists are excited about the upcoming games.

Everyone is delighted by the surprises by what the PS4 will have to offer for its consumers for the next 2 years. Even if you aren’t a PlayStation owner, you’d still be hyped after seeing so many wonderful games that will come out within the remainder of 2018 and the rest of 2019; Another bizarre cinematic by Hideo Kojima, a return of a classic survival horror game, a PS exclusive for the Marvel fans, a brand-new samurai game that fans call it the “Assassin’s Creed Japan we never got,”, a round of Ubisoft games and the much-awaited sequel to Naughty Dog’s highest-rated game of all time. Let’s get to it:

Let’s have an appetizer first—Ubisoft’s conference. They may not have shown much hype but they do have brand new confirmed sequels including the long-awaited sequel since 2002—Beyond Good & Evil as well as a brand-new Assassin’s Creed, For Honor add-on and a follow-up to Tom Clancy’s The Division. Sadly, after so many speculations from Sam Fisher’s appearance in the Ghost Recon Badlands DLC, Splinter Cell, we won’t be seeing any new stealth game from them with the legendary voice of Michael Ironside.

Here are the previews from Ubisoft:

Just Dance 2019: Just Dance is pretty much Ubisoft’s annual activity game. Everything else is the same but in a good way for fans—dancing along with the avatar while listening to your favorite song. Sad that there’s no Despacito 2 in the list.

Beyond Good & Evil 2: It has been what, more than 15 years since the first game? Beyond Good & Evil 2 was last year’s eye-grabber in Ubisoft’s 2017 E3 post conference and now they’re bringing it back with memorable characters and finally, Jade as…the villain? Wow, no one saw that one coming.

Trials Rising: Have you ever played Trials back in 2014? That had to be one of the most fun side-scrolling motocross games ever made. Now it’s back and looking more ridiculous and over-the-top than ever before. Cheers to its superb physics engine!

The Division 2: Looking to make-up for the lack of stuff in The Division, Ubisoft has claimed that they have labored a lot into the 2nd game and listened to the community. The game will be set in Washington DC this time, several months after the events of the 1st game. Here’s to hoping the enemies aren’t going to be bullet sponges anymore. Oh and also free DLC. Now that’s something good.

Mario+Rabbids Donkey Kong DLC: Remember that party game that people thought was going to flunk? Well, it didn’t and the fanbase adores it. Now it’s getting the big ape into the mix.

Skull & Bones: This game borrows heavily from AC: Black Flag with its pirate ship system and pirate everything. This could as well be the game Sea of Thieves should’ve been.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas: Yes, Star Fox is back and this time it’s toy-powered. Probably a new Amiibo perhaps?

For Honor: Marching Fire DLC: A really large DLC that includes new warriors from China and a brand new mode called Breach. For Honor starter pack is free right now on Uplay:

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey: Ubisoft concludes the conference with a brand new setting for its ongoing AC series this time in ancient Greece. Unfortunately, the title is not based on Homer’s novel but rather in Sparta. Let’s see if there will be Greek god powers here.

Now let’s move on to Sony which, in my opinion, seized the day.

Death Stranding: Yes, legendary Hideo Kojima is back to showcase his new game with an unveiled gameplay this time around and…it’s still confusing. But in a good way of course!

The Last of Us Part II: Finally, Naughty Dog is back to bring this up after so many fans were left devastated for its absence last year. It shows the brand new gameplay which is eerily realistic considering how fluid the gameplay is and how the AI reacts to the player. Oh and Ellie has been spotted with a girl and the internet is going crazy over it. Come on guys, have you not played Left Behind in the first game?

Ghost of Tsushima: Now this is what fans have been craving for; a system as similar to AC but set in Edo Japan. The game looks so fantastic with lush settings and bloody gameplay.

Spiderman: Sinister Six has been spotted in the trailer and thank God there were no QTEs at all. Gameplay looks solid just like Batman Arkham’s fight system. We’ll get to see how well it will be this August.

Kingdom Hearts III: This time around the trailer took place in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean and yes it looks extremely good. Just the graphics itself looks similar to the Disney animated movies themselves!

Control: A brand-new game from the devs of Quantum Break that has the similar stuff from the latter. It’s extremely trippy like a by-product of Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

Resident Evil 2: In my opinion, this really stole the whole show. It’s been 20 years since the original sequel and now Capcom is going to treat everyone the remake it deserves, with the horror of RE7 and the seamless combat of RE4.