Dr. DisRespect On Record
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Dr. DisRespect Disses Tyler1 and calls PUBG a Dying Game

February has been a great month of comebacks for Twitch streamers, mainly with Guy “Dr. DisRespect” Beahms and Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, who both have amassed a huge viewership with over 380,000 people watching for a single live stream—a number that is almost impossible to be reached, especially when it is from a solo streamer and not an eSports event. Dr. DisRespect has always been known to be a bad-ass protagonist (and antagonist at the same time) in the Twitch community.

Knowing that his return after a 2-month absence due to prioritizing his family will gather so many enthusiastic viewers, he called out on Tyler1 who earned 386,000 people watching on his returning live stream last January 2018 after his ban from Riot Games since 2016, cosplaying his ADC main, Draven.

For the Doc, he got a total of 388,000 live viewers on his reappearance. He then began roasting Tyler1 as a “short muscle baby who can’t play games for shit.”

“I am a gorgeous being,” Guy said. “I am buffed, handsome and veiny. Unlike you, you midget!”

It was not long until Tyler1 began making videos about Dr. DisRespect. The usual roast, it seems. Whether it was sarcastic or not, the rivalry between these two man-child beefcakes is honestly pretty funny. Until now, they are still going at it, especially nowadays that Tyler1 has decided to play Fortnite too. Maybe one day, we’ll get to see these two go one-on-one in the island. That would totally break records on Twitch—possibly even defeat Ninja’s 430,000 views from his live stream with Drake.

Tyler1 aside, Dr. DisRespect has been spreading a lot of words lately about PUBG being a “dying game.” Despite the domination he brings in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you can tell that he has gotten weary of the battle royale game. This could possibly be because he found so much more action and creativity on playing Fortnite rather than being stuck for long minutes of nothingness in PUBG. Or another reason could be due to the unfixed bugs of the latter.

PUBG quite honestly has been under a lot of fire lately, that even Shroud, the streamer that most Twitch members consider as the best PUBG player, said: “They keep being like this, it’s gonna be a deserted game.” So why is that?

For one, a lot of the players have grown tired of the bugs that were never addressed by the developers; random pop-ups of uncalled terrain and structure, sudden hiccups in the driving physics, getting stuck inside the plain until the player is kicked out of the game, certain windows and low ledges being impossible to vault over and lots of clippings. Even though the game is still considered to be in Early Access, the large community expected the devs to do a hotfix for these problems. Some even consider PUBG Mobile to be more stable than the console versions.

The game is also not fully optimized, so unless you have a large powerful PC rig, you are not going to enjoy how the game folds—framerate slowdowns, texture pop-ups, and slow rendering.

If it’s not the glitches or the game performance that is hindering the multiplayer, it’s the insane amount of Chinese players invading both US and EU servers. For some odd reason, they play more on the foreign servers than the dedicated Asian servers. “CHINA NUMBA WAN” is a common gibberish heard by players everywhere, that even Dr. DisRespect himself has also experienced. It seems that there is still no word from the PUBG team even after so many players have petitioned China to be region-locked. There have also been lots of hacking reports from the alleged Chinese players.

This is where Fortnite has been opposite of and quite the reason why it is more reputable especially since January 2018—stable connections, fast gameplay and optimized performance, all without being charged a single dime. The Doc even smiles a lot more playing this game—not the arrogant in-character type, but the genuine appreciation kind of smile.

There is more potential in Fortnite,” said the Doctor. “Unless PUBG does something to fix the damn game and not whip out unnecessary updates like weapon skins, that game is going to die real soon.”

PUBG recently announced their latest updates: a new smaller map called Savage, a weapon skin system and a new game mode that only includes shotguns and level 3 helmets and armors in a small circle. While these may not fix any ARG issues, the players who have experienced Savage and the rampaging game mode say that they haven’t had this much fun since their first time playing the battle royale game.

Right now, Dr. DisRespective is still playing PUBG, but has been recently slowly transitioning into Fortnite too. One of these days, The Doc, Summit1G, Myth, Shroud and maybe even Drake are going to have a small brawl that can blow up the Twitch statistics to large scales. “TOTAL DOMINATION,” as The Slick Daddy says.