Gamer Tragedy
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Doublelift’s Mother Killed, Father Critically Injured – Brother is Alleged Killer

Sad news in the world of LCS today:

Team Liquid’s very own ADC star, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, is recently under a story of morbid tragedy after his parents got stabbed by his own brother, Yihong Peng. The cause of the 30-year old brother’s attack was due to a break-up with his girlfriend.

At 10:30 pm PT Friday, one of the neighbors reported to the police about a man all bloodied, carrying a knife on the street. Police arrived in just a mere minute and have found the body of Doublelift’s mother, Wei Ping Shen, and his father, Guojon Peng, bleeding. He was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital and is expected to survive.

At the wake of the incident, Doublelift posted on twitlonger:

This weekend I received some terrible news. My older brother attacked both of my parents with a knife. As a result of this attack, my mom passed away and my dad was seriously hurt and is now recovering in hospital.

I’m still processing this news and joining up with my dad and little brother to make sure they’re ok and the proper arrangements are being made. I’ll likely be quiet on social media while I work through this. I hope you all understand and support me as you always have in the past.


A tragic day indeed for the community, especially for the ADC superstar. The motive behind the attack is yet to be known.

The 24-year old professional League player is one of the biggest names in the competitive world of LCS, rising from his debut as a pro player for Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) in 2011 and, not long after, for Epik Gamer. He was known as a great Support player, particularly with the robot Blitzcrank, who excels in pulling enemies from distant positions and has a great kit for Crowd Control. His breakout role as Attack Damage Carry (ADC) was soon discovered on Curse Gaming until his return back to CLG, not as a Support anymore but as an ADC.

Due to the popularity of his prowess and godlike plays, he became the representative of North America for both the 2013 and 2014 League All-Star Tournament. It seemed as if there was no stopping the powerhouse player hailing from Mission Viejo, California.

Unfortunately, he was involved in CLG’s violation of poaching ZionSpartan, a then-Top Lane player for Team Coast. Poaching Is a huge penalty in the world of LCS which involves misunderstandings in contract signings. Although they lost, the rest of the world have witnessed what the ADC star was capable of, garnering adoring fans and players who want to be just like him.

However, that didn’t stop him and his team from becoming a strong faction, especially in the NA region for the next two years, ranging from 2015 to 2016; they would go on to become one of the top seeds for Worlds but of course, fall short against the might Korean teams.

After 4 years of playing for CLG, he left the team to join up with Team SoloMid (TSM) on October 31, 2015. He joined the ranks of Hauntzer, Svenskeren, KaSing and Bjergsen. Not soon after their defeat on Worlds 2017, Doublelift joined Team Liquid.

A gifted AD Carry, Doublelift excels in playing as the swift clearing Lucian, the burst-heavy Tristana and fast-as-lightning Sivir. He currently has a win rate of 63.3% No doubt, Yilian Peng is one of the most exceptional players in his role to carrying his team.

Aside from playing professionally, the 24-year old is also famous in the Twitch scene as a livestreamer for League of Legends, having a fanbase of over a whopping 1,091,796 followers with average total views of 60,126,117, with a monthly gain of followers at 360, as of last March 2018. He is currently #39 in the top 100 Twitch streamers according to SocialBlade.

As of this writing, many fans of the game and of the pro scene have shared their sincere condolences and support to Yilian Peng, from social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, along with community-based websites such as r/leagueoflegends and League of Legends Amino.

Whether or not you watch the LCS or any of his streams, it is quite a heavy news not just for him, but for the League and esports communities as a whole.

Update: April 10, 2018 – Doublelift appears to be back in focus…