Dendi Returns
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

DotA 2 Legend Dendi Returns to Streaming

Ah yes, Dendi. Everyone’s favorite DotA 2 pro player and live streamer. You really don’t get to see him play via Twitch anymore. Usually, he would just upload best moments in DotA on YouTube or he’s still practicing and planning to make Na’Vi great again. It is honestly good to see him back. It’s like a dad paying his child a visit after 2 weeks of not seeing each other because of a divorced wife. Or just simply seeing an old friend from time to time. Dendi’s live streams may not be in English, but his gaming skill is a universal language.

Today on April 25, 2018, Danylo “Dendi” Ishutin hosted a 5-hour livestream that I myself could not finish. It was nice to see him play and seeing how the crowd misses him just shows the impact he has made in the community.

By the time I joined in his Ukrainian fun, he played Mirana mid after spectators have been saying he was feeding as Tiny in his previous game. Was he tilted? Maybe, because when I got to watch his Mirana plays, it just felt pretty off. Just look at this counter-gank for example:


Yet, there are times when you just simply know it’s the Dendi way, such as this kill participation:

Long shot

However, midway through laning phase, he wasn’t doing any good, feeding the enemy Lina with a 3/0/0 run, causing a losing battle in the next hour.

Feeding Lina

There was also a quite funny moment when Pangolier just straight came to mid and yet did not even die despite the numerous enemy heroes swarming in:

Pangolier wtf

I could not finish stream, honestly. DotA 2 streams invest as much time as playing it, and if I did have the time, I could have made a huge analysis and tally of the match.

But hey, since we’re already speaking about Dendi, let’s take a quick look at his professional life.

Dendi is one of those personalities in both eSports and Twitch that is unique compared to others—he may be a worldwide celebrity in the world of DotA, however, he acts like he’s just another player like all of us. That humbleness and meek character along with his signature heart-warming smile has brought him love from fans the world over. Without a doubt, Dendi is not just one of the, if not, the best player in DotA as well as the most beloved. You can say that he IS the face of DotA. His name is forever synonymous with the smash hit MOBA game.

Remember that he and Na’Vi were there very first winners of TI back in 2011, and then place 2nd the year after. However, the team began to crumble slowly at that point, with several roster changes and not much chemistry between each other.

The loss has taken its toll on Na’Vi from 2014 to 2016, especially every Internationals; in 2014, they were halted at a measly 8th place. 2015 turned into the downfall of the once-powerful giants of Ukraine, getting eliminated in TI 5 on a disappointing 13th place. At that point, the fame was slowly fading away from both Dendi and Na’Vi as a whole.

It was also a frightening year back in 2016 when Na’Vi announced the disbanding of the team. Come on, 2016 was already a bad year filled with losing famous people and suddenly Na’Vi was in it too. Fortunately, that separation was short-lived since Dendi and SoNNeiKo were back in business. 2017 was the veryfirst-timee Na’Vi was nowhere in The Internationals. However, despite the absence, people have been seeing their recovery, as well as Dendi becoming meta again.

Remember when he faced off against Elon Musk’s AI? Yeah, that was a shocker, really. No, not because of Elon Musk’s smug looks, but rather how advanced the AI is against our man and 4 other great DotA 2 players. It was fun seeing a battle between the world’s greatest mid laner and Pudge player versus an Artificial Intelligence that could be the starter of Skynet, making Terminator an actual inspiration from a true story in the near future.

Dendi may not be a frequent caster for both Twitch and YouTube, however whenever he does upload, there are so many fans tuning in. In fact, according to, Dendi is the 2nd most Followed personality in the DotA community of the website with 581,549 followers, coming behind BeyondTheSummit, which has 631,482 Followers.

It’s amazing how he is so dedicated to Na’Vi, even after all the struggles he had gone through, with old players leaving the team while fresh ones still adapting. He’s like a brother anyone in DotA would want to have. 10 years and counting, Danylo really shows his love for the team and for his loyal supporters.

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