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Dark Souls Lights Up on Twitch Once Again

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Dark Souls in the Top Games spot on Twitch. The last time it had lots of viewers was back in 2016 when Dark Souls III came out. But now here we are in 2018 and suddenly the very first Dark Souls is at it again just like it’s 2013 all over again on the live streaming website.

This is mainly due to the recent release of Dark Souls Remastered in May 2018. From Software, the developer of Dark Souls, aimed to optimize better performance for the classic 2011 game that everyone knew and love with proper screen resolutions, FXAA, adjustments to the refreshment rate of monitors, anti-aliasing, and higher rendering. They even finally fixed the fps lag in Blighttown—a map that Dark Souls veterans consider the worst map in the game due to slow framerate and difficult navigation.

However, nothing much has really changed. In fact, the game barely looks any different from the original Dark Souls at all. To many, it felt more like a cash-grabbing HD version of the 2011 RPG rather than using the same engine as in Dark Souls III. Everything else is the same: weapon placements, weather, level up system, creepy ragdolls from dead enemies and, the most notorious of all, the same hackers from the first game.

If you haven’t been playing Dark Souls online before, we’ll just let you know that there are many cases of hacking in that game. LOTS of hacking—giving you Curses, the irremovable egg on the back and stealing all your items that you worked so hard for.

The game was actually “fixed” before, thanks to several modders calling the patch as “DSFix”. Basically, it made PC players feel at ease with Dark Souls that feature the same fixes as to what Dark Souls Remastered has released…but unlike the latter, this is one is for free.

If you have ever played Dark Souls before and have finished it already, you might not want to have this unless you’re willing to spend your hard-earned money just to sate your craving for Dark Souls. But if you haven’t played any of the trilogy, this is the best time to get it. After all, it’s just $30.

Going back to Twitch, yes, it is currently one of the most viewed games right now, May 30, 2018. As of this writing, it has already reached to more than 8,000 views, following right before World of Warcraft with more than 8,300 views.

Dark Souls III is still in the category of viewed games but it’s down to 2,000 at the moment unless Indeimaus or Ironpineapple decides to stream the game. For now, we got familiar faces such as AvoidingThePuddle ( and Peeve (, who are very known for playing Dark Souls religiously.

Dark Souls is regarded as one of the toughest series in the current generation of RPGs. In 2011 it received multiple awards including Best Role-Playing Game, Best Action Game and Best Music in a Game. Ever since its success in both sales and scores alike, the game has garnered a huge community of players, discussing powerful and effective builds, the best Class to choose and the infinite amount of theories regarding the mysterious lore of Dark Souls.

It also started a few memes that became a staple in the gaming community nowadays such as Git Gud, Giant Dad and “Wat r u casul?”

The game is mostly known for its extremely-difficult-yet-fair gameplay with wonderful and memorable boss battles. It is because of the creative mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki that the world of Dark Souls is one of the most engaging and must-play experiences any game must try even just once.

It was followed up by Dark Souls II in 2014, but without the help of Miyazaki. It was still successful, but the game was just not as memorable as the first one with even some forgettable and forced boss battles.

The demand of Miyazaki’s return came to life in 2016 when Dark Souls III was released. It was considered the “true sequel” to the first game as it was more related to the former than how the second game was delivered.

Due to the popularity of its difficulty, Twitch even became popular because of the game: a number of streamers challenged themselves into beating the game in very unusual ways. Let’s recap some of these amazing challenges:

The_Happy_Bob’s No-Getting-Hit Challenge

Bearzly’s Rock Band Controller Challenge

The most infamous challenge of them all. As if the game wasn’t difficult enough already.

And of course, Twitch Chat beats Dark Souls.

  • Who could forget that one time the whole Twitch community defeated one of gaming’s most difficult titles?
  • Yes, Dark Souls was defeated by the collaboration of players using the chat section.
  • It was reported that the character died in an overall 904 days and took them 43 days alone just to defeat Gwyn, the final boss.