Cowsep, Cowsep
Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Cowsep is Having the Time of his Life on the Philippine Servers

The name Cowsep rings a bell to a lot of people in the League of Legends community. He is regarded as one of the original content creators on both Youtube and Twitch to come up with everything League of Legends. His real name is Joseph Osceola Hursey, born on March 16, 1990 in Ohio, USA. However, he is not like most American Twitch streamers, more so when it comes to League of Legends content. You see, Cowsep actually plays in the Korean server ever since he moved to South Korea in 2012. To millions of League of Legends fans, playing in South Korea is like you playing Hotline Miami on Homicide difficulty with dying only less than 5 times. It is the server in which big Korean star team play in such as KSV and the legendary SK Telecom.

And also, unlike other League of Legends players, he is more or less in the sub-niche in the game by playing only one champion. Who, you ask? The swordsman from a mystical land called Ionia, Master Yi. For years, Cowsep has been known as the best Master Yi player in League of Legends in whichever server, be it KR, CN or NA. Fans love him for his positive vibes with a hint of toxicity that does not overwhelm his channel. He is somewhat kind of in the middle, where you have BoxBox and Imaqtpie as the most pleasant League of Legends streamers whilst you got Trick2G and the loudmouthed Tyler1 on the other side.

You got Boxbox synonymous to the Top Lane Fighter Riven, GBay99 to Top Lane/Jungler Assassin Irelia, Tyler1 to ADCarry Draven, Trick2G to the Jungler Udyr and SivHD to the Middle Lane Mage LeBlanc. In the case of our man Cowsep, he is well-known for his ridiculous Master Yi skills.

A lot of the players in the League of Legends community consider Master Yi as a “noob” champion because all he does is just run to the enemy, press Q and everyone dies—that is what’s according to the Bronze to Silver players. For Cowsep, Master Yi is more than that and he has proven to everyone that Master Yi does have a scaling set of skills for one player to muster. Master Yi may be a low-tier champion if one wishes to get to the higher elo fast, but for Cowsep, he’s been using Master Yi nonstop to the point where he has shown the world time and time again what a Diamond-tier Master Yi player looks like. And it’s not just any Diamond-tier…it’s KOREAN Diamond-tier. That’s equal to Challenger I in NA (no offense, NA players).

Recently, Cowsep has been fiddling around with different League of Legends server regions: Vietnam and China for the most part and this time, from a tweet back on May 10, 2018:

That got his Filipino fans excited and couldn’t wait for him to join what the locals call the “worst and most cancerous server in all of League of Legends.” For Cowsep, there was only one way to find out.

On May 10, 2018, he started broadcasting his usual Yi plays on Twitch but this time in the Filipino server. During the first 5-hour livestream in the country, he deemed the server as “too easy even for an unranked play.” You might think that it’s a given that it is easy for him since he’s smurfing with a different account, but what is actually unique about the League of Legends matchmaking is that the game automatically matches similar players based on performances in previous games. Whether it’s ranked or not, he has gotten matchmade with PH’s “best”.

But of course, we see the flipside of the server with everyone typing in allcaps with the infamous Filipino trashtalk words “PUTANGINA MO” which means “Your mother is a whore”. Any player who has encountered such words obviously know that flaming player is a Pinoy (short for Filipino). Throughout his several streams, we see a lot of moments where teammates go AFK, him lagging at 300 ms, the enemy Yasuo feeding as usual and everyone one of his enemies getting obliterated in a blink of an eye with his textbook combinations of Ninja Tabi, Bloodrazor and Guinsoo’s Gunblade along with situational items.

In just a matter of 8 days, he already reached Diamond Tier in PH League. Along the way, he found himself moments of frustration to the point where he would ragequit. Here, he actually found challenges where players actually knew what they were doing. In an honest response, he admitted that Diamond players in PH know what they were doing. At this point, he was beginning to lose matches but that was only because one of his teammates always picked Yasuo. And in the rule of Philippine League of Legends, you always ban Yasuo.

Right now. he’s still currently playing Ranked in PH. If you want to watch, head on over to

Here are some clips from his PH games: