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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Imaqtpie Defeats Nightblue3 for “Best Jungler in the Game”

I never thought I would wake up to watch a stream from Nightblue3 playing League…again. Yes, I guess we can say that NB3 is officially back on playing League of Legends despite the last “comeback” last April 6, 2018, saying, “I’m just playing this again because Fortnite has been glitchy and it’s frustrating,” after the said explanation, guess who’s back jungling again kappa. Continue reading “Imaqtpie Defeats Nightblue3 for “Best Jungler in the Game””

Why Do People Still Love to Watch Imaqtpie?

Chill. Funny. Dank. Kappa.

Those are the words that Imaqtpie followers consider him to be. While he may not be one of the most intense Twitch streamers nor the most competitive, Michael “Imaqptie” Santana is one of the most beloved down-to-earth players on the website. Even if he is constantly streaming his duty as an AD Carry for the hit MOBA game, League of Legends, fans are never tired of his shenanigans. Continue reading “Why Do People Still Love to Watch Imaqtpie?”