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Ring of Elysium: Another PUBG Clone but Better? Grimmmz Gives Us a First Taste

Barely more than a year later, the battle royale hype is still going strong. The fact that this competitive multiplayer genre trend has not died for quite some time now is actually pretty interesting—usually, a game that revolves around a certain trend or hype, especially in the works of multiplayer, it dies down pretty fast. Sure, there will always be active players revolving such game type, but the rest of the world won’t always be playing it religiously. It’s hard for the developers to keep their game feeling fresh and give players unlimited possibilities in any match. Not only should the company be consistent with their balancing, patches, and updates, but they also have to market their game hard. After all, a product should always be 80% selling and 20% creating. PUBG and Fortnite are doing a splendid job at it so far, keeping the battle royale trend alive. But will their consistency be enough to withstand upcoming rivals in the same genre? Continue reading “Ring of Elysium: Another PUBG Clone but Better? Grimmmz Gives Us a First Taste”

Radical Heights Reaches Heights on Twitch

Another day, another Battle Royale game in a lineup of seemingly endless titles within the genre. The newest multiplayer survival game, Radical Heights by Bosskey Productions, may seem like the usual BR game just like what we’ve seen nowadays in a pool filled with developers thinking of a righteous way on how to dethrone the big names — Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and get a high statistics of daily player activity for their multiplayer game with an oversaturated concept. Continue reading “Radical Heights Reaches Heights on Twitch”