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Summit1G Punches the Camera, Internet Reacts

Hey, remember that sudden burst of fisticuffed rage by Summit1G back on May 11, 2018 during a practice session for the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown tournament? No? Well take a good look:

Yes, that was him ragequitting in a training session with his team. The stream ended abruptly after just a few hours instead of the usual 7 to 8+ hours that he did. Of course, after such hasty act, the internet blew up. Here is a subreddit post from u/chadochocinqo:

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Cowsep is Having the Time of his Life on the Philippine Servers

The name Cowsep rings a bell to a lot of people in the League of Legends community. He is regarded as one of the original content creators on both Youtube and Twitch to come up with everything League of Legends. His real name is Joseph Osceola Hursey, born on March 16, 1990 in Ohio, USA. However, he is not like most American Twitch streamers, more so when it comes to League of Legends content. You see, Cowsep actually plays in the Korean server ever since he moved to South Korea in 2012. To millions of League of Legends fans, playing in South Korea is like you playing Hotline Miami on Homicide difficulty with dying only less than 5 times. It is the server in which big Korean star team play in such as KSV and the legendary SK Telecom.

And also, unlike other League of Legends players, he is more or less in the sub-niche in the game by playing only one champion. Who, you ask? The swordsman from a mystical land called Ionia, Master Yi. For years, Cowsep has been known as the best Master Yi player in League of Legends in whichever server, be it KR, CN or NA. Fans love him for his positive vibes with a hint of toxicity that does not overwhelm his channel. He is somewhat kind of in the middle, where you have BoxBox and Imaqtpie as the most pleasant League of Legends streamers whilst you got Trick2G and the loudmouthed Tyler1 on the other side. Continue reading “Cowsep is Having the Time of his Life on the Philippine Servers”

Imaqtpie May Have Finally Unlocked the Secret to Ranking 1 in NA

Today on May 18, 2018, Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana has shown his enthusiasm for the next patch on League of Legends—a patch that will give AD Carries the buff they deserve after being such fragile targets to roaming Assassins as well as some perks for the Junglers.

If you look through the patch notes (, Riot has declared several some good changes for the Junglers so they can pressure lanes early in the game with more experience gathered for champions to the point where they can gank and kill at Level 2.

The new item, Stormrazor, is being exploited by Imaqtpie himself, declaring that with that new item, he’s going to “take over NA,” but we know he’s just being sarcastic about it. It may not be the main ADC item but the perks are huge. Continue reading “Imaqtpie May Have Finally Unlocked the Secret to Ranking 1 in NA”

Frostpunk Trends in the Top Games Isle – Black Burke At Play

Ever heard of Frostpunk? No? Well if you’re into city-building and intrigued by dark stories as well as games that force you to do inhumane things, this is the game that is definitely for you. Frostpunk is set in a post-apocalyptic Victoria Era of the 1800s where the whole planet is consumed by winter. You are the leader of the very last city on Earth and you must do whatever it takes for your people as well as your own city to survive; and by “whatever it takes”, I do mean whatever, to the point where you have to do unspeakable things—people are getting cold and the dead start racking up.

Why not use the corpses as a source of fire for the furnace? Lack of workers to maintain the heat generator? Use the children to do forced labor. It’s either them or the city will crumble. It’s your call. But that call will either mean the death of a hundred to save thousands or become so selfless, that it will cause the destruction of the city. Continue reading “Frostpunk Trends in the Top Games Isle – Black Burke At Play”

NightBlue3 Returns With the Usual Clickbait Title


As much as these texts make you hear loud noises, this is the usual kind of title our man Rabia “Nightblue3” Yazbek always come up. In his latest tweet, he surprised everyone by showing his usual League of Legends content again—catchy title, PBE testing, and no facecam. Yes, he has come back to his incognito state once again after failing to be a consistent Fortnite streamer/YouTube content creator. But hey, the League community welcomes him back with open arms so at least he has something to come back to, whether or not he actually enjoys League or not. This was his tweet:

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Boxbox’s 10-hour In Real Life Live Stream

Sorry boys and girls, your favorite trap live streamer didn’t cosplay today. However, he did show us a bit of his more human side in his IRL stream today, on April 26, 2018.

So what is there to talk about when Boxbox isn’t playing League of Legends or cosplaying as his main girl Riven? Nothing much, really. Although it was very relaxing to see him have a lot fun beyond the Rift. He conducted a 10-hour live stream starting the moment he crawled out of bed. Today was a gimmick for the guy since he brought up his friends including YouTube famous Lilypichu and Igumdrop.

Nothing else unusual from the stream; it’s pretty much just human things when he has a group of friends with him—have some laughs, cook together, eat and enjoy the company, and in his case, go to the arcade with the bunch.

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DotA 2 Legend Dendi Returns to Streaming

Ah yes, Dendi. Everyone’s favorite DotA 2 pro player and live streamer. You really don’t get to see him play via Twitch anymore. Usually, he would just upload best moments in DotA on YouTube or he’s still practicing and planning to make Na’Vi great again. It is honestly good to see him back. It’s like a dad paying his child a visit after 2 weeks of not seeing each other because of a divorced wife. Or just simply seeing an old friend from time to time. Dendi’s live streams may not be in English, but his gaming skill is a universal language.

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Ninja Breaks Records Again With 680,000 Views

It was a day filled with fun, competition and lots of laughter up in Ninja’s channel. You would think it’s the usual shindig but this time around, it was a special day: Tyler Blevins hosted an event called “Ninja Vegas 2018” in the eSports Arena up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Wait, Ninja rented the Esports Arena just for some Fortnite session?” You bet your ass he did. What do you expect from a guy who is the #1 Twitch streamer right now who banks in $500,000 every month plus donations and merchandise profit? The man is a Rockstar in the Twitch platform and in the battle royale game Fortnite all in all. On that same day, he once again broke records for viewership, peaking at 667,000 views—making it the largest audience count for a solo streamer, breaking his previous highest peak of that game night with rap-sensation Drake, which was 630,000.

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