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OuterHeaven: The Twitch Channel for Metal Gear Solid Fans & Speedrunners

At the dawn of the PlayStation back in the mid 90’s as well as the emergence of the Nintendo 64, video games were all about platformers such as Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and Banjo Kazooie. It was also the prime for 2D fighting games like every Street Fighter crossover there is along with The King of Fighters. The action games were mostly found on the PC, with arena shooter games such as DOOM, Star Wars: Dark Forces and Duke Nukem 3D were the center of it all.  It was also the uprising of J-RPGs, transitioning from 2D to 3D in a classic turn-based gameplay. We have the Final Fantasy series and Chrono Trigger in that genre. And finally, the popularity of survival horror games such as the Resident Evil trilogy, Silent Hill, The Clock Tower, and Alone in the Dark. Continue reading “OuterHeaven: The Twitch Channel for Metal Gear Solid Fans & Speedrunners”

Summit1G Punches the Camera, Internet Reacts

Hey, remember that sudden burst of fisticuffed rage by Summit1G back on May 11, 2018 during a practice session for the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown tournament? No? Well take a good look:

Yes, that was him ragequitting in a training session with his team. The stream ended abruptly after just a few hours instead of the usual 7 to 8+ hours that he did. Of course, after such hasty act, the internet blew up. Here is a subreddit post from u/chadochocinqo:

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Radical Heights Dev Team, Bosskey Productions, Shut Down

It was only a matter of time until the gaming community was expecting the downfall of Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski’s game development team, Bosskey Productions, to shut down inevitably after the failed launch of their hero-based arena First-Person Shooter, Lawbreakers, and their recently released Early Access-launched battle royale carbon copy, Radical Heights.

On May 14, 2018, CliffyB made an abrupt announcement on Twitter:

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Fortnite Infinity War: The Aftermath

On May 8 2018, Fortnite tweeted an unexpected announcement:

What a better way to even gather up more people into playing the game than by partnering up with the biggest superhero movie of the year, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Continue reading “Fortnite Infinity War: The Aftermath”

Fortnite Season 4 is Here & Players are Excited

Epic Games has finally released the 4th season of the worldwide battle royale multiplayer smash hit, Fortnite, and it has a lot of stuff for the fans. The latest Battle Pass will include new items, new dances, new menu, new skins, new areas to explore and new elevations in the map tailored to change the way players have gone through for the past 3 seasons. And yes, finally, the meteor has landed and left a large crater by the middle of the map. Sorry folks, Tilted Towers isn’t going anywhere… at least for now.

Oh and, not to mention, you can finally spray on walls now. Save the World is also getting a ton of new features including new heroes and a new loot system. Let’s go over with the latest features: Continue reading “Fortnite Season 4 is Here & Players are Excited”

Radical Heights Isn’t Radical at All Anymore

On the eve of April 10, 2018, Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski, the founder of BossKey Productions, announced a release of a new game that no one asked but probably needed… at least in his mind; a game called Radical Heights. “Ooh, maybe CliffyB is back to his pioneering years,” the gaming community thought. But alas, as it turns out, he did something that never learned from 3 years ago with LawBreakers—riding on the current trend of video games. Yes, Radical Heights is a carbon copy of a carbon copy of another carbon copy of many carbon copies of the concurrently oversaturated Battle Royale genre. But hey, this isn’t just the run-of-the-mill type of battle royale game. It’s an XTREME battle royale game! At least that’s what Bleszinki had in mind. Continue reading “Radical Heights Isn’t Radical at All Anymore”

Top 10 Live Streamers for the Week of April 26 to May 2, 2018

The tally is up again. Here are this week’s Top 10 Streamers on Twitch Based on Total Hours Watched, from April 26, Thursday to May 2, Wednesday (source:

  1. Ninja (—112,228 average viewers
  2. Epicenter_ru (—49,736 average viewers
  3. Shroud(—40,026 average viewers
  4. TSM_Myth (—34,206 average viewers
  5. OverwatchLeague (—32,489 average viewers
  6. CD Projekt Red (—28,752 average viewers
  7. Epicenter_en1(—27,859 average viewers
  8. Dakotaz (—27,171 average viewers
  9. RiotGames (—27,109 average viewers
  10. Warcraft (—26,499 average viewers

It’s no surprise to see Ninja be consistently at the top of the leaderboard. After all, he’s the longest reigning #1 solo streamer ever since his debut appearance in the hit battle royale game, Fortnite. In all honesty, 112,000 viewers are actually pretty few for him at this point since he even peaks up to 200k during normal days, especially during the weekends. It’s either the fans were just busy or some of them actually opened their eyes and thought the battle royale game is just a hyped-up train of a trend. There is no news yet whether or not he is going to host a new event soon or if he ever invites a new celebrity to duo with him and brings on the enemies. Continue reading “Top 10 Live Streamers for the Week of April 26 to May 2, 2018”

Is PUBG in a Slow Death Spiral?

Ah yes, the age-old question (well technically, months-old question). PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is, without a doubt, one of the most successful multiplayer games right now. 2017 was definitely its year that made the term “Battle Royale” come into the existence of competitive gaming as well as becoming a sub-genre for video games. But ever since the emergence of Fortnite and the ever-growing anger of loyal fans against Bluehole’s unfixed bugs in the game as well as a dedicated banning system against hackers, especially in China, PUBG has really had some players migrate to its archrival battle royale game. With the constant popularity of Fortnite, is PUBG really dying at this point? Continue reading “Is PUBG in a Slow Death Spiral?”