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LoL Patch 8.11 Jumbles the Meta Switching Certain Champions to Different Roles

My friend Louis called me up during the weekend to tell me about how League has some really weird changes when he got to play that morning. “Dude, ADC Yasuo.” I was like what the heck? I wasn’t aware of the situation until I saw the patch notes as well as statistic boards of the League of Legends.

Riot Games have either messed up the game even further or made it even more fun. Patch 8.11 has to be one of the biggest changes in both the items and the champions themselves, flipping the League table upside to having champions earn higher win rates in unlikely roles.

Oh and also Pyke. Pyke’s cool. Ridiculous “Support” champ that players prefer him on Top or Jungle. Continue reading “LoL Patch 8.11 Jumbles the Meta Switching Certain Champions to Different Roles”

Imaqtpie May Have Finally Unlocked the Secret to Ranking 1 in NA

Today on May 18, 2018, Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana has shown his enthusiasm for the next patch on League of Legends—a patch that will give AD Carries the buff they deserve after being such fragile targets to roaming Assassins as well as some perks for the Junglers.

If you look through the patch notes (, Riot has declared several some good changes for the Junglers so they can pressure lanes early in the game with more experience gathered for champions to the point where they can gank and kill at Level 2.

The new item, Stormrazor, is being exploited by Imaqtpie himself, declaring that with that new item, he’s going to “take over NA,” but we know he’s just being sarcastic about it. It may not be the main ADC item but the perks are huge. Continue reading “Imaqtpie May Have Finally Unlocked the Secret to Ranking 1 in NA”

The Long Wait for League of Legends MSI is Over

Here we are, don’t turn away now. The Mid-Season Invitationals is upon us and it is definitely going to be a helluva great time. Don’t forget to tune in to on May 3, 7:00 pm EU time to watch the first game, featuring the group stage of four teams: Latin America’s own Southern heroes–Kaos Latin Gamers, one of League esports oldest teams in the Westside—Gambit Esports, Latin America North’s very own Rainbow7 (formerly Lyon Gaming), and last but not the least, the underdog of MSI and Thailand’s local pro players—Ascension Gaming. Continue reading “The Long Wait for League of Legends MSI is Over”

Why League of Legends Isn’t Going Anywhere Low on Twitch

League of Legends. Perhaps it is the biggest multiplayer game on PC for a very long time now since its rise in popularity in 2009. Taken from the concept of a Warcraft mod which included playing a single hero with a particular set of skills to fight an opposing team in a 5v5 defense tower survival multiplayer game, Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends is the reigning multiplayer game with the highest player count of over 100 million active players per month and a constant activity of around 7.5 million to 27 million players each day. Continue reading “Why League of Legends Isn’t Going Anywhere Low on Twitch”

League of Legends returns to Top Ranks on Twitch

Today, as I went to open up my Twitch app, I was thinking, “Oh great, I’m pretty sure everyone is playing Fortnite again,” while being groggy to see my friends’ messages asking me if I want to play the battle royale game with them. As the Twitch program popped up, to my surprise, League of Legends is back on the 1st block for Top Games. Jinx’s face never looked so appropriate for this scenario. I was thinking, “It’s either some old League player came back to the game for a long time or there’s an eSport event happening right now,” and alas, it was not just one, but two eSports events: LCK (League Championship Korea and LJL (League of Legends Japan League). Continue reading “League of Legends returns to Top Ranks on Twitch”

Imaqtpie Defeats Nightblue3 for “Best Jungler in the Game”

I never thought I would wake up to watch a stream from Nightblue3 playing League…again. Yes, I guess we can say that NB3 is officially back on playing League of Legends despite the last “comeback” last April 6, 2018, saying, “I’m just playing this again because Fortnite has been glitchy and it’s frustrating,” after the said explanation, guess who’s back jungling again kappa. Continue reading “Imaqtpie Defeats Nightblue3 for “Best Jungler in the Game””