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Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Boxbox’s 10-hour In Real Life Live Stream

Sorry boys and girls, your favorite trap live streamer didn’t cosplay today. However, he did show us a bit of his more human side in his IRL stream today, on April 26, 2018.

So what is there to talk about when Boxbox isn’t playing League of Legends or cosplaying as his main girl Riven? Nothing much, really. Although it was very relaxing to see him have a lot fun beyond the Rift. He conducted a 10-hour live stream starting the moment he crawled out of bed. Today was a gimmick for the guy since he brought up his friends including YouTube famous Lilypichu and Igumdrop.

Nothing else unusual from the stream; it’s pretty much just human things when he has a group of friends with him—have some laughs, cook together, eat and enjoy the company, and in his case, go to the arcade with the bunch.

Boxbox was charming as always, being the optimistic smiley baby-faced boy throughout the whole time and really enjoyed being with the gang. In the stream, they had karaoke, did a few dances, played arcade games with the group and… played a solo game of kick? I’ll let you in on the scoop on that one later.

It started off with him just texting up his friends to come meet him at his house together with his girlfriend, Annie ( They made some French toast which turned out alright, just some talks with his peers (which I really didn’t listen through), spent most of the day in the arcade and finally ended with them grabbing a bite to eat in a Chinese restaurant and him cartwheeling in the parking lot.

Knowing that he had a great time with his friends made the comment section feel like they were part of his pals. Selflessly, he kept on responding to his commenters as well as his friends too, especially Annie. The comment was highly active, reacting to especially his arcade moments as if it was him playing another session of League or any other game, calling him “POGGERS” and his whack-a-mole skills as “Kreygasm”. Even his cartwheeling and dancing were no different, but of course, people were wanting him to wear another cute Riven outfit as his fans would always desire.

Before the live stream ended, he showed off one more move to everyone. His kick skills. Yes, he was doing hacky sack with a sack he won from the arcade in exchange for tickets. The audience was unusually into it and even went wild as he kept on rallying with his kicks. At one point he even did a cartwheel to kick off (no pun intended) an impact for his fans. The stream ended with a wholesome wave to the camera by him and his pals outside the restaurant.

Here are some of the highlights during the 10-hour stream:

Boxbox, also known as Albert Zheng, has been around Twitch for a very long time now. He sits as one of the top Twitch streamers based on Follower count, according to He is most popularly known for playing League of Legends, particularly playing as Riven, his main, on Top Lane and sometimes Jungle.

People enjoy his stream for his wholesomeness that is incomparable to other League of Legends streamers and is also very reputable for his trap cosplays as Riven herself. Yes, if you do not know what Boxbox looks like as a girl, take a gander:

A lot of fans in the community have made hilarious comments about him, calling him “hotter than any girl” or “he cosplays much better than actual females”. While he may be popular for his Riven cosplays, he’s actually a pretty good player too. He is currently in Master Tier and a lot of Riven players have been following his every move. Do check out his YouTube channel for clips of his amazing plays and follow him on to see how he does it so flawlessly.

Boxbox is a big name in the League of Legends community, with fan art of him in his signature trap cosplays and people making memes out of him. He’s more of the good kind of players—non-toxic, always optimistic, and just never lets down that smile. He’s also a genuine entertainer too: a calm guy but with a serious yet enthusiastic attitude every time he plays. You don’t get to see a lot of League players being consistent in what they do, especially when it comes to playing just one champion almost everytime they stream. He is regarded as one of the best Top Laners, especially in the NA region.