Photo Credit: Kienan Lafferty

Battlefield V Leaves Mixed Impressions After Its Reveal

On May 23, 2018, EA has released the long-awaited world premiere of the Battlefield V trailer. Fans were hoping it would be a trailer that will surpass Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s world premiere as EA always had since the revelation of Battlefield 3 in 2011. But my oh my, how the tables have turned. As much as the trailer was pretty impressive and being the usual over-the-top action as Battlefield always has been in the past years, this time around, not everyone was happy about what they saw. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, we got you covered:

As you can see from the likes and dislikes ratio, no one was really happy about how the trailer turned out to be. Days before leading up to the trailer, EA showed a teaser poster of the game, displaying their signature lens flares and a mix of the blue and red colors in reflections with the game titled, “Battlefield V”. Some speculated it wasn’t a Roman numeral “5” but rather literally the letter “V”. Some were theorizing that the game would be set in Vietnam hence the “V” while others either thought it would be set in WWII or in the future.

Alas, EA revealed that the game is set in the second World War, but this time, instead of having the good old American joes as the main guys in the video, it showed the British theater of war. Well, sort of. By that I mean it IS going to be a World War II shooter but the vibe just feels kind of…different. I do not mean that in a bad way, it’s just that it has DICE’s own flare to it in a way that it’s like their own iteration of World War II instead of the authentic one. This, of course, has lead to mixed reactions by viewers. Whilst some may say it will defeat Black Ops 4, more than half agree that the reveal seemed pretty lackluster and even to the point where the audience called it an “SJW” type of World War and that it is just not immersive at all. This is because of several reasons: you have a female British soldier (who happens to have a prosthetic arm for some reason), no display of the Nazi swastika and some bald Brits with scruffy beards fighting against Germans whose outfits do not look like the Nazis at all.

Personally, I think it’s fine in its own way. However, it just… does not feel like World War II at all. Some assumed that it is going to be a steampunk or alternate version of WWII but EA officially announced on their Facebook page that it will not be any different version of WWII. Yes, the action and explosions were cool, but the majority didn’t like the cocky behavior of the main characters in the video.

Despite the backlash from the people, EA has also announced some good news about BFV: no lootboxes, no half-assed story, and no pay-to-win system. As in no microtransactions at all, but they never said anything about any free DLC. They have also confirmed that there will be big changes in the game. Unfortunately, nothing very detailed has been released by the company. Let’s just hope that they will keep their word, unlike Activision who said that the Battle Royale mode for Black Ops 4 was just a joke, but here we are, looking at Blackout.

There were reactions from the Twitch streamers too towards the Battlefield V reveal trailer—from Shroud (, Dr. DisRespect ( and TimTheTatman (

From Shroud’s reaction, he thought there were some ridiculous parts in the trailer such as reloading the heavy machine gun after firing just a few rounds. He also thought that the transition of the spectating shaky camera to FPS mode was a pretty cool gimmick. Other than that, let’s just say he’s alright with it, unlike the rest of the viewers who thought the trailer was pretty cringy.

In Dr. DisRespect’s livestream, he was breaking down bits from the trailer while claiming he’s done this sort of analyzing when he was working with editors and directors. To him, he said “EA is losing ideas,” and that the game is set in a steampunk version of WWII. Let’s just say he wasn’t amazed at the trailer at all, even though he made some statements which were just counter-intuitive to the bigger picture of the BFV reveal.

Lastly, we have TimTheTatman who found the trailer to be meh. “It’s Battlefield in a nutshell,” he said. Nothing much is different except for the new timeline in the game He even made some funny reactions such as that plane going “YEET!”

Will EA be able to make up for the not-so-satisfied community by making a better trailer or making the next one “dirtier” and grittier just like how BF1’s reveal trailer was? We’ll find out soon enough this upcoming E3 2018.