Dr. DisRespect, Respected
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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Dr. DisRespect (Seriously)

“Non-stop total domination.” That is one of many from Dr DisRespect arsenal of epic quotes. You may have seen him, you may have heard of him, you may have even encountered him in one of the big battle royale games. Behold, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, a living legend in the live streaming and competitive gaming society. The Doc is one of the biggest stars on Twitch today, amounting to a total of more than 2.5 million followers and more than 80 million channel views. He is the self-proclaimed “Face of Twitch” who has won two consecutive titles for both Streamer of the Year and Trending Gamer of the Year 2017. He is mostly known for playing PUBG and Fortnite, but for the hardcore fans, they know he’s been in the battle royale scene since the days of H1Z1: King of the Kill.

Today we’ll be looking at the man, the myth, and the legend known as the Doc. We’ll have a deeper look into his Twitch career, his influence on social media, and the controversies that he has been known for.

Who is Dr. DisRespect, really?

Dr. DisRespect’s real name is Guy Beahm. He was born on March 10, 1982, and graduated from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona back in 2005. Live streaming was never his original plan to start. In fact, he originally started on YouTube way back in 2010, uploading highlights of his Call of Duty Black Ops games and Modern Warfare 3 the following year. He didn’t don the 80s mullet and mustache back then but he was already known as some sort of “dominant player.” The cocky type of bastard that any player would hate facing up against whenever they’re losing.

At some point, due to his dedication to the game, Sledgehammer Games, one of two developers of Call of Duty, hired him as the community manager in 2011 and had to discontinue his YouTube channel. He was later promoted to Level Designer in 2012 for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. His main contributions were Horizon, Recovery, Solar, Instinct, Ascend, Sideshow, Quarantine, and Site 244.

In 2015, he left the company to pursue a dream of his own just like how he started in 2010—to become an internet sensation.

When did he become really famous on Twitch?

He started gaining fame from live streaming H1Z1 in 2016 until the breakout of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds turned into a huge hit on Twitch and on the multiplayer community the following year. Once the trend of PUBG was on fire, so was the Doc. He was dubbed “a hyper-caricature of how the stereotypical male gamer views himself.” He was the considered the fastest-growing gaming channel on Twitch in 2017.

And since then, he became a household name when it comes to the bad boys of Twitch.

With the now-famous thick-stache, 80s mullet and large muscles, he’s just like Mr. Torgue High-Five Flexington from Borderlands 2.

His fame has been so recognized, that the show “The Attack” made a movie parody of him:

How is his Twitch channel performing?

His Twitch channel started on March 21, 2016, where he is known for H1Z1 gameplays. It wasn’t until the rise in popularity of PUBG that he started garnering an army of what would be the members of “The Slick Daddy Club.” Because of his self-awareness of his own skills in battle royale games, he calls himself, “An award-winning international champion in the online gaming community.” The free-spirited live streamer really got the attention of many gamers, even the ones that do not watch Twitch for his overconfidence and arrogance. Some may call him an asshole, but for many, he is a hero that never goes by the rules and always rises above everyone else. Think of Hulk Hogan becoming a really good player—you get Dr DisRespect.

As the days of the 3rd quarter of 2017 progressed, so did his views per live stream—amounting from 100k to 300k. At the 2017 Esports Industry Awards, he won “Streamer of the Year” as well as winning “Trending Gamer of the Year” at the 2017 Game Awards. Now that is a lot of bragging rights, now more than ever. However, after receiving his awards that December, he had gone black. He never tweeted, nor showed up at all on Twitch for two months, until his fateful return on February 5, 2018. We’ll get more into that later.

How is his YouTube channel performing?


Right now, he has more than 480,000 subscribers with a total view count of over 17 million.

His content is just primarily highlights from his Twitch channel but with some superior editing. Honestly, his channel has one of the best video edits from his gaming highlights on Twitch. Just take a look at this intro:

There’s really no exclusive content here like how some streamers have separate stuff for their YouTube channels. But if you happen to miss out his live stream or just want to skip to the best parts of his broadcasts, his YouTube channel is definitely the way to go.

What controversies and challenges has he faced?

Perhaps the biggest issue Doc had to face was back in 2017; just as I have stated earlier, he wasn’t around on Twitch for two months after receiving his awards. Not even a single word on his Twitter account. Some speculated he just gave up while some thought, even if it sounds ridiculous, he died.

But alas, he came back in early 2018. It was revealed that he had to have some time with his personal life and tying family bonds after he admitted that he cheated on his wife, based on his Tweet last February.

He was scoffed at such issue, getting hit by the media, by the memes and even by his own fanbase. But despite the controversy, the Doc was still in character. He’s always been promising to be a better father and loving husband ever since. Sometimes you’d even get to see his daughter on the stream, showing his love and affection for her and his wife. Here’s a clip of him and his daughter:

Another major controversy about him is how a chunk of the Twitch community despises him for being a very cocky streamer. People would actually rival him versus Tyler1 when it comes to stream toxicity but eventually, a lot of people really like that about him, defending that he is just being in character, plain and simple, unlike Tyler1 being a real jerk a lot of times (even though a lot of viewers find that amusing too).

Is it worth watching Dr. DisRespect?

On the day of his comeback in February 2018, the viewers amassed a whole society of 388,000 live viewers, defeating Tyler1’s return to the League of Legends scene last January 2018.  It was so hype, world-renowned DJ Deadmau5 even made a track for his opening. Guy Beahm’s numbers on that day alone were the single most-viewed live stream on Twitch until Ninja toppled him for 430,000 live audiences during a duo session with Canadian rapper Drake the following month.

“FIRST GAME OF THE DAY, BABY” he screamed on his first ever match on PUBG after 2 months of absence. The hype was real and it seems he is not going anywhere right now.

If you’re the kind who likes crude humor and 80’s badassery then yes, it’s totally worth watching the Doc and become part of his Champions Club. Even if you aren’t into battle royale, it’s how he delivers the show that makes him alluring to watch, despite some people calling him a fake just because he’s in character. Not to mention the production quality of his streams is always top-notch. If anything, he has one of the best-looking streams ever. You can rival his works to Summit1G’s whose streams are also equally really good to look at.

Some speculate that he’s “better than Ninja” but we should always take account that entertainment is subjective. Yes, his production quality may be more superior than Ninja but let’s not forget that the latter did bring so much more audience impact, revenue, and new audiences to Twitch, giving the likes of Doc, Shroud and Summit the same amount of new audiences.

He can even sing, do 360-dunks and break dance. Those alone can test a man to see if he really is alpha-male material.

Also just look at him sing: https://clips.twitch.tv/WildDelightfulPassionfruitSquadGoals

Cocky, hard-headed, preposterous, obnoxious, boastful—they may sound harsh, but to the Doc, it’s a form of compliment. His fans can vouch for it.

How do I become part of his fandom?

It’s simple: just follow him on Twitter to see his regular activity, follow him on Twitch or Subscribe to his Prime if you have the budget, and last but not the least, always stay in touch with other fellow fans over on his subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DrDisrespectLive/

Where can I connect with Dr. DisRespect?

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/DrDisRespectLIVE

YouTube: https://www.twitch.tv/DrDisRespectLIVE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrDisRespect

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DrDisrespectLive/

Does he have a schedule?

Yes. Refer here for his streaming days: